Falcon Volt and Moxie Spinning Reels

Both employ a line-­management system called Falcon Cross Match...


Falcon, maker of freshwater and saltwater fishing rods, has debuted two spinning reels: **Volt **and Moxie. Each series includes three models/sizes; all cost less than $80. Volts come with nine to 11 ball bearings, and Moxies feature eight. Both employ a line-­management system called Falcon Cross Match that facilitates longer casts, Falcon says. The reels offer a 5- or 5.1-to-1 gear ratio and weigh 7.6 to 10.4 ounces. Volts come in 6-, 8- and 10-pound classes; the larger 2500 holds 120 yards of 10-pound mono but 250 yards of 8-pound braid. Volts cost $79.99. Moxies come in 4-, 6- and 8-pound classes; each holds 125 yards of mono and costs $39.99. Call 918-251-0020 or visit


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