2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Anglers and Boaters

Wondering what to buy for your favorite angler this holiday? Sport Fishing has you covered.
Santa fishing in the ocean
If Santa Claus has time to go fishing, so do you! Adobe Stock

Someone hands you a gift. You shake the box. Turn it over and inspect the shape. Balance the package on one hand to judge its weight. Then, you pluck off the bow, break the ribbon and rip through the wrapping paper. If one of the on-the-water gifts on our holiday gift guide is in the box, you have been a good boy or girl this year. (The products are listed in alphabetical order.)

Bajio’s Shop for the Shallows Campaign

Bajio Shop the Shallows Campaign
Bajio’s Shop For The Shallows cups. Bajio

During the holidays, everyone is looking for a little something different. Bajio sunglasses offers a great deal for customers and our coastal waters when buying a pair of sunglasses. When you purchase a pair of Bajio’s high-definition polarized sunglasses, Bajio gives you a cool gift and makes a donation to an environmental cause of your choice. You can choose to support oyster reefs, mangrove restoration or ocean plastic mitigation. Along with your new sunglasses, Bajio sends you a trendy camp cup with an illustration representing your preferred cause. 

Berkley Highjacker Saltwater Lure

Berkley HighJacker Saltwater
Berkley HighJacker Saltwater Berkley

Every tackle box needs a selection of walk-the-dog style topwater lures to imitate a baitfish zig-zagging across the water. Berkley’s new HighJacker Saltwater takes the place of all other surface walkers. The unique hydrodynamic shape is perfect for imitating smaller baits. Flat sides make the lure easy to walk at any speed. A walk-the-dog topwater is a great search bait. To increase casting distance and cover more water, the HighJacker uses an aerodynamic shape and tail weights. Predators attack a topwater lure with reckless abandon, the HighJacker’s 3X strong, anti-rust and slick sharp hooks make the fish pay for its mistake.

Humminbird APEX 13 MEGA SI+ Chartplotter

Humminbird Apex 13 Mega SI+ Chartplotter
Humminbird Apex 13 Mega SI+ Chartplotter Humminbird

Whether you’re searching for bunker schools in the Northeast, looking for red drum schools in the mid-Atlantic, clocking tarpon in the South or paddy hopping out west, the name of the game is side scan and live sonar. But these advanced sonars are only as good as the multifunction display. Humminbird rewrites the book with the APEX 13 MEGA SI+ Chartplotter. Starting with the high definition, customizable touch screen, the APEX provides crystal clear images of fish and structure. The 13-inch screen is a perfect compliment to Humminbird’s famous MEGA side scan and live sonar. Using a super high power transducer signal, the MEGA produces the most accurate representation of the world under the water. To accommodate a wide range of transducers, the APEX 13 is outfitted with a variety of ports and plugs. With the One Boat app you can control downriggers, trolling motor and anchor systems from one display.

King Sailfish Mounts Mini Mount

King Sailfish Mounts Swordfish Miniature Mount
King Sailfish Mounts Swordfish Miniature Mount King Sailfish Mounts

So you want to commemorate a trophy catch with a mount, but you don’t want to take up a ton of wall space? The solution is a King Sailfish Mounts Mini Mount. These 16-inch-long fish representations are crafted and painted with the same accuracy and quality as King Sailfish’s famous taxidermy. The Mini Mount is cast in polyester and hand painted to look just like a real fish. There’s no better way to remember your first swordfish, longest smallmouth, or heaviest snook than looking at a perfect copy hanging on the wall. 

Minn Kota Riptide Terrova Trolling Motor

Minn Kota Riptide Terrova QUEST Trolling Motor
Minn Kota Riptide Terrova Quest Minn Kota

Trolling motors are popping up on backwater skiffs and offshore rigs. The convenience of maneuvering the boat and locking it in position has inspired anglers to take trolling motors to new waters. Minn Kota has redesigned the Riptide Terrova to be tougher and easier to use. First, the composite shaft is guaranteed for life. Then, the new brushless motor has been updated from the mounts to the software. Real time battery monitoring and digital maximized power control squeeze every watt out of the battery. As part of Humminbird’s network, the Riptide can be controlled and monitored from a smartphone app.

Newport Tiller Extension Handle

Newport Tiller Extension Handle
Newport Tiller Extension Handle Newport

The only limit to adding a motor to a kayak or paddleboard is rigging the steering controls. Instead of running wires and cables, you can use Newport’s Tiller Extension Handle. The carbon fiber handle and silicone grip keep the Tiller Extension handle light and comfortable. An oversized adjustment knob makes sure the tiller handle stays attached to the tiller. The tiller handle comes in three sizes to accommodate any size boat or board. It even works with gas motors on powerboats. Whether you have a Newport electric motor or another brand outboard, the Tiller Extension Handle is an easy solution to rigging controls.

Pelagic Chubasco Bibs

Pelagic Chubasco Bib
Pelagic Chubasco Bib Pelagic

From fall through spring, I wear rain bibs from the time I walk on the boat until I step back on the dock at the end of the day. Heavy and awkward rain bibs sap my strength and cause my shoulders and spine to complain. Pelagic’s Chubasco Bibs allow me to forget I’m wearing rubber pants. The key to comfort is lightweight, four-way stretch, two-layer PVC material that is waterproof and tear resistant. Adjustable shoulder straps hold up the bibs without excessive pressure on my shoulders. My favorite feature is snaps at the leg cuffs to adjust the bib length and keep my pants from dragging on the deck. For day to day fishing, a light pair of bibs blocks wind and spray without causing fatigue.

Penn Fathom Low Profile Baitcasting Reels

Penn Fathom Low Profile Reel
Penn Fathom Low Profile Reel Penn Fishing

For the past three seasons, I’ve used PENN Fathom Low Profile reels for sight fishing red drum and cobia. I switched from spinning reels to baitcasting for better line control and more accurate casts. To stand up against the toughest predators, Fathom Low Profile offers a full-metal body, brass main gears and bearing-supported pinion. The solid package supports the powerful carbon fiber drag washers. The largest models include a synchronized line guide and drag system. As the fish pulls drag, the line guide moves back and forth to reduce stress on the line. The Fathom Low Profile comes in 200, 300 and 400 sizes with up to 30 pounds of drag pressure.

Plano Edge 3700 Swimbait Box

Plano EDGE 3700 Swimbait box
Plano EDGE 3700 Swimbait box Plano

Leave it up to Plano to reinvent the tackle tray … again. The new Edge series takes tackle storage technology to the next level with every advanced feature available. The sturdy one-hand latch and solid steel hinge pins combined with a rubber O-ring keep out moisture. Plano’s Rustrictor corrosion prevention and WaterWick absorbent material further reduce corrosion. Edge tackle trays come in all the popular sizes and dozens of customizable configurations. They fit in tackle storage systems designed for traditional tackle trays. The latest edition to the Edge family is the new Swimbait Box. The unique tackle tray can be outfitted with traditional dividers. Or, to keep large swimbaits and glide baits separate, unique hangers suspend the lures so they don’t contact the sides of the box or tangle other lures. 

Salt Life Aquatic Journey Performance Flannel Fishing Shirt

Salt Life Aquatic Journey Performance Flannel Fishing Shirt
Salt Life Aquatic Journey Performance Flannel Fishing Shirt Salt Life

Modern fishing shirts are designed to perform like athletic wear and look office casual. The Salt Life Aquatic Journey Performance Flannel Fishing Shirt packs a lot of performance into a versatile shirt. On the fishing side, the Performance Flannel is UV and odor resistant with moisture wicking fabric. Two chest pockets with button flaps hold swivels, crimps and other gear I don’t want to lose. A hidden pocket is the perfect size to carry my sunglasses. On the town, the Performance Flannel has a scalloped hem and adjustable sleeves with internal snaps to look sharp at dinner. Of course, the urban camo pattern with hidden gamefish looks cool just about anywhere.

Savage Gear Manic Shrimp RTF Lure

Savage Gear Manic Shrimp RTF V2
Savage Gear Manic Shrimp RTF V2 Savage Gear

When the water is super clear, nothing fools fish better than a lifelike shrimp imitation. Savage Gear’s latest Mantis Shrimp is designed in six realistic colors and modeled after a 3D image of a real shrimp. The articulated tail and wiggly appendages let the Mantis Shrimp move as good as it looks. Even after a fish attacks, the ruse is not up. The Mantis Shrimp is impregnated with realistic scent and a rattle to complete the presentation. The integrated weight and laser sharp hook are designed for jigging or fishing the Mantis shrimp under a popping cork. 

Shimano Teramar West Coast Fishing Rods

Shimano Teramar West Coast Casting rods
Shimano Teramar West Coast Casting rods Shimano

West coast anglers are notoriously tough on their fishing rods. That’s why Shimano updated the Teramar West Coast line to meet the demands of offshore and inshore fishing. Starting with a T-glass blank wrapped in carbon fiber tape, the new Teramar WC produces incredible power with the impact resistance of the graphite outer layer. The most common point of failure is a broken line guide. The new Taramar WC uses Seaguide line guides with beefy frames to avoid corrosion and protect the guide ring. All inshore models feature cork grips while the offshore rods use diamond pattern foam grips. Shimano even included a casting rod with Deck Hand style grip for hardcore, long distance casting. 

Siren 3 Pro Maine Device Smart Boat Monitoring System

Siren Marine Siren 3 Pro
Siren Marine Siren 3 Pro Siren Marine

As soon as I leave my boat, I start to worry. Did I forget the shore power? What if the bilge pump fails? Is the boat sinking, on fire, stolen? When I can’t see my boat, every disaster imaginable passes through my mind. Siren Marine Siren 3 Pro alleviates my anxiety anywhere and anytime. The Siren 3 connects to boat systems and wirelessly sends status reports to my smartphone. Using wired and wireless sensors and connecting to NMEA networks, the device tracks boat conditions in real time and keeps me informed of an emergency. Even when I’m at home, I can keep an eye on my boat.

XTRATUF Men’s Ice Fleece Lined Ankle Deck Boot

XTRATUF Men's Ice Fleece Lined Ankle Deck Boot
XTRATUF Men’s Ice Fleece Lined Ankle Deck Boot XTRATUF

If you’re going to design a boot for walking on wet ice, you better make it warm. XTRATUF achieved both objectives with the Men’s Ice Fleece Lined Ankle Deck Boot. The boot outsole uses certified slip resistant rubber compounds to keep a solid footing even on wet surfaces. The rubber upper is 100 percent waterproof with neoprene ankle patches for all-day comfort. Inside the boot, faux wool lining traps heat and dries fast to keep your feet warm even on the ice.

YETI Stackable Mug

YETI Stackable Mug YETI

Everyone has a favorite coffee mug. It may be chipped, cracked, stained and ugly, but a coffee drinker’s favorite cup is a best friend, sidekick and adventure buddy. Well, get ready to ditch your current beverage vessel for YETI’s new Stackable Mug. As the name says, the camp-style mug is designed with a wide mouth and low profile for easy stacking. YETI’s version is built around an 18/8 vacuum sealed body that keeps beverages hot to YETI’s high standards. To prevent liquid from sloshing out of the wide-mouth mug, the company includes its clear-plastic lid with magnetic slider opening. But nothing beats the taste of hot coffee from a ceramic mug. To combine the experience of a ceramic mug with the performance of an insulated mug, YETI lined the inside of the Stackable Mug with stain and stick resistant ceramic.