Garmin Offers Live Down and Forward Views in One Transducer

New trolling motor-mount Panoptix PS-22TR allows anglers to see below and ahead of the boat in real time.

Garmin has released the first Panoptix transducer designed for trolling-motor installation that features both LiveVü Forward and LiveVü Down scanning modes, so anglers no longer have to choose between the two.

The PS22-TR allows users to see all around the boat and below it in real time, even while stationary. (This is the seventh model in the Panoptix line.)

The transducer’s narrow, 20-degree beam angle provides crisp, improved resolution and clear images. Its simple design makes it easy for the angler to change mounting configurations between forward (on the motor’s shaft) and down (on the motor’s lower unit) to best fit the style of fishing.

The PS22-TR will be available in Q3 for $999.99.