Garmin GMR Fantom Radar Arrays

Newest Fantom solid-state radars produce greater power output.

GMR Fantom 54/56 and Fantom 124/126Courtesy Garmin

Garmin announced that its Fantom solid-state, pulse-compression radars now provide greater power output than previous models. The new GMR Fantom 54/56 and Fantom 124/126 offer 50 watts and 120 watts respectively, topping the 40 watts delivered by the original units. Fantom radars feature MotionScope, which uses Doppler technology to better show approaching targets. Available in 4- or 6-foot open arrays, the radars detect objects as close as 20 feet and as far as 72 nm (54/56) and 96 nm (124/126). They also offer Auto Bird Gain, making flocks easier to see at distance. Prices range from $5,999.99 to $8,499.99.