Guy Harvey Reports: Tropic Star Lodge Tournament

Guy Harvey returned recently from Piñas Bay, Panama, where he participated in Tropic Star Lodge’s tournament, the Tropic Star Torneo. In this report, the world-renowned scientist, angler, photographer and of course artist shares his experience in words and photos with Sport Fishing’s audience.

January 28, 2014
01 400# blue tropic star torneo 29-1 1113 390.jpg

A 400-pound blue on the wire!

Angler Jim Nagy battles a 400-pound blue on Day Two of the tournament. See more of Guy Harvey’s art and ocean conservation work. See more about Tropic Star Lodge, now celebrating its 50th anniversary. BE SURE TO CLICK THROUGH ALL 10 IMAGES IN THIS GALLERY! Guy Harvey
02 guy harvey setting up on big blue, tropic star torneo 29-1 1113 625.jpg

Get Ready … Get Set …!

Guy Harvey, one third of the team representing the Cayman Islands in the Tropic Star tourney, sets up on a big blue. Guy Harvey
03 750# blue jet ski in steroids tropic star torneo 29-1 1113 701.jpg

“A jet ski on steroids”

That’s how Guy Harvey describes this huge blue marlin as it walks across the water’s surface. See 140 more breathtaking action and underwater fishing images from Tropic Star by photographer Pat Ford. Guy Harvey
04 early start tropic star torneo 29-1 1113 487.jpg

Early Start

An almost-rainbow and calm winds greet tournament participants early in the morning. Guy Harvey
05 wiring 750# blue, tropic star torneo 29-1 1113 660.jpg

Tight-Wire Act

It takes an experienced hand to control 750 pounds of raging blue by the boat. Guy Harvey
06 tropic star torneo 29-1 1113 423.jpg

The Spectacular Coast of Panama

A tournament boat looks for fish sign as the sun breaks over the coastal slopes. Guy Harvey
07 tropic star torneo 29-1 1113 397.jpg

Explosive Power

The explosive power of blue marlin gives this wireman all he can handle. Guy Harvey
08 tropic star torneo 29-1 1113 380.jpg

Raging Blue

Hell hath no fury like a blue marlin hooked. Guy Harvey
09 350# blue tropic star torneo 29-1 1113 612.jpg

Ready for Release

This 350-pounder swam off moments later.
10 cayman is team members, guy harvey, john crimmins, sebastien guilbard, tropic star torneo 29-1 1113 779.jpg

The Cayman Island Team

Enjoying a second-place finish in the Tropic Star Tournament were the Cayman Islands team, (from left) Guy Harvey, John Crimmins and Sebastien Guillbard. Guy Harvey

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