10 Top Places to Catch a Grand Slam

A look at some of the world's most productive fishing grounds for anglers trying to rack up slams -- catching three, four or five particular species of game fish in a day.
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Ascension Bay is renown for its opportunities to land a readily available due of bonefish and permit, adding a tarpon or snook or both, all on the same day. See a Photo Gallery of Ascension Bay flats fishing. Where do these game fish rank among the [World’s Top 100 Game Fish](http:// 100 game fish) Bonefish Permit Tarpon Snook Brian O’Keefe (
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Ascension offers action on flats and around mangroves all year, but spring is prime for fish numbers and reliable weather. Brian O’Keefe (
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The Venezuelan coast near famed La Guaira bank. The bank is undeniably one of the top spots on earth to catch a billfish slam. During one three-day tournament here, 26 boats registered 33 separate billfish slams around this large offshore seamount that rises to within 50 fathoms of the surface. Courtesy Wolf Serrer
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One needn’t leave the United States to find fabulous flats fishing and score a bonefish, permit and tarpon in the same day. In the Florida Keys and Florida Bay, you can throw in a snook and make it a super grand slam. Courtesy Andy Newman, Florida Keys News Bureau
05 freeport, tx - courtesy brett holden - booby trap, dsc_6845.jpg
Thanks in part to the boys on the Booby Trap team, the Gulf waters far off the Texas coast have become an offshore slam factory. Catching a blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish and swordfish in the same day has become entirely do-able. See how one group of anglers pioneered astoundingly productive daytime swordfishing off Texas. Courtesy Brett Holden, Booby Trap Fishing Team
06 sydney yellowfin tuna slam, al mcglashan img_9995.jpg
For a metropolitan tuna slam, try the Australian waters outside Sydney, particularly during the cooler months when cool, nutrient-rich waters from the south meet with warm waters from the north, says Sport Fishing contributor Al McGlashan. Here, you can catch yellowfin (like this 183-pounder taken in McGlashan’s boat), albacore, bigeye and the resurgent southern bluefin. Al McGlashan (
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Tuna often swarm in the blue water just outside Sydney. Al McGlashan (
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Another Caribbean hotspot for slamming inshore, catching three or four of the bonefish-permit-tarpon-snook quad of flats and mangroves predators is likely on any given day. Courtesy Belize Tourism Board
09 kenya, dave lewis, dsc_0036.jpg
The Indian Ocean off Kenya is a proven producer of billfish slams — beyond a grand or even royal slam is the possibility of what’s known as a fantasy slam with five species. But why stop there when you could conceivably release six species? The list includes blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, swordfish, sailfish and spearfish. A number of resorts and charters in the Malindi/Watamu area can accommodate serious anglers. Dave Lewis (
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Montauk is a top jumping-off point for tuna hunters. In late summer and fall, you can slam it up with several species in a day including bluefin, yellowfin, bigeye, albacore and skipjack. Of course, a wealth of opportunities for other species abounds here in the fall, also. Tom Lynch
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When it comes to inshore slams, Cuba ranks as the top destination, according to International Game Fish Association statistics, with vast habitat and excellent shots at all the usual inshore gamesters.**** (Be that as it may, Sport Fishing has not and will not feature Cuba’s fisheries in the magazine while it remains — unfortunately — illegal for most Americans to visit the country.) Learn more about the IGFA’s slam clubs. Paul Sharman (
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Billfishing off Virginia has been on fire in early to mid autumn most years for some time, now. The chances for a billfish slam with a white, sail and blue are good. White marlin can be particularly abundant. The occasional sword raises the stakes. With dolphinfish (mahi), wahoo and mako plus tunas on hand, various offshore slam combos await as well. Courtesy Ken Neill