Southern California Striped Marlin

October 19, 2013
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Catching your own Pacific mackerel is a key first step to sight-fishing for Southern California striped marlin, as these are used to cast to the fish. Bob Hoose
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Striped marlin off Southern California can sometimes be found attacking schools of bait fish, forcing the school to the surface where it creates a commotion and attracts birds such as terns. Bill Boyce
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Brothers Greg and Michael Stotesbury sight fish for striped marlin from a 25-foot Skipjack convertible. Note the bait tank on the bow for holding live mackerel for casting to marlin. Greg Stotesbury
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Anglers who specialize in sight-fishing for marlin use gyro-stabilized binoculars such as the14x40 Fraser-Volpe Stedi-Eye. Courtesy Fraser Optics
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Striped marlin often “tail” at the surface, giving Southern California anglers clear targets on which to cast bait. These marlin average about 120 pounds in weight. Bob Hoose

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