January 2012 Photo Contest

Winning photos and more from our Sport Fishing Photo Contest

jan12 photo contest_01.jpg


“Kamikaze Gannets” by Mark DeAngelis, taken off the Jersey Coast Mark DeAngelis
jan12 photo contest_02.jpg


Gracie Sarkowski with a 24 1/2-inch redfish caught on her brand-new rod. Photo by Chris Sarkowski Chris Sarkowski
jan12 photo contest_03.jpg


Joey Stuart snapped this photo while on a trip to Bimni with Pure Fishing Joey Stuart
jan12 photo contest_04.jpg


Here are some other great entries we received this month. If you have a great photo you’d like to enter, visit our Photo Contest page. PHOTO: Submitted by ssliva1
jan12 photo contest_05.jpg
Submitted by ssliva1
jan12 photo contest_06.jpg
Submitted by josephstuart
jan12 photo contest_07.jpg
Submitted by rhodes31072
jan12 photo contest_08.jpg
Submitted by inchun
jan12 photo contest_09.jpg
Submitted by bandit402
jan12 photo contest_10.jpg
Submitted by sabre38
jan12 photo contest_11.jpg
Submitted by beachblazer
jan12 photo contest_12.jpg
Submitted by bergguy
jan12 photo contest_13.jpg
Submitted by bergguy
jan12 photo contest_14.jpg
Submitted by roasty194
jan12 photo contest_15.jpg
Submitted by Arrigo Guardia If you have a great photo you’d like to enter, visit our Photo Contest page. You can also browse additional past entries on our Photo Gallery page.

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