The Bountiful Shallows of Florida

A selection of redfish, trout, snook and flounder photos from Florida’s inshore fisheries



Jan Maizler specializes in writing about flats fishing and light-tackle angling travel. Not just a photographer, author, and contributor to Sport Fishing, Jan is also a past IGFA world record holder for bonefish on two-pound test line (8 pounds, 4 ounces) and permit on four-pound test line (23 pounds, 15 ounces). His latest and most thorough book on flats fishing — Fishing Florida's Flats — is available at PHOTO: This Florida Bay redfish slammed a soft plastic Money Minnow worked on top.Jan Maizler
A live finger mullet bait tempted this nice bull red near Shark River, Everglades National Park.Jan Maizler
This head shot of a bull red’s battle scars shows the life of an inshore predator does not come easy.Jan Maizler
Some giant redfish swim in Mosquito Lagoon. This one ate an artificial lure.Jan Maizler
This ’Goon monster gobbled a ladyfish chunk cast in its path.Jan Maizler
North Biscayne Bay has some big trout. This beauty ate a pilchard.Jan Maizler
Sea trout love a soft-plastic swim bait. This victory took place near Palma Sola Bay.Jan Maizler
Highly colored arties do the trick, plus the scent exuded by this Gulp! tail. The catching happened near Coot Bay, Everglades National Park.Jan Maizler
Sea trout have mean dispositions and a raptor-like mouth. This one really smacked a D.O.A. shrimp.Jan Maizler
The ubiquitous lead-head jig and live shrimp bested this beauty off Crystal River.Jan Maizler
The Long Bar area in Sarasota Bay was loaded with mullet, but at least one snook among them crashed this plastic tail lure.Jan Maizler
A tiny paddle-tail plastic bait works well on minnow-feeding snook. This was in the Little Marco River.Jan Maizler
Brightly colored lures work well at times on laid-up snook. I took this in Florida Bay.Jan Maizler
It’s hard for a snook to turn down a live pilchard, and this Sanibel Island linesider was no different.Jan Maizler
Capt. Butch Constable lowered a pinfish in Jupiter Inlet. In moments, this snook gobbled it up.Jan Maizler
This flounder in the Mosquito Lagoon was taken while feeding under a culvert.Jan Maizler
One way to catch a big fat flatty is with a jig and shrimp. This fun took place in St. Augustine.Jan Maizler
This shiny specimen ate a Gulp! shrimp in Tampa Bay.Jan Maizler