More Scenic Fishing Spots

Exciting fishing action, gorgeous coasts, fascinating fauna and more, taken all over the world.
The first fishing scenes gallery we ran proved such a hit that we wanted to follow up with this second compilation of images showing fishing action, gorgeous coasts, fascinating fauna and more, taken all over the world. PHOTO: Three Kings Islands, New Zealand
Here, two charter boats fish the Three Kings Islands area, about 35 miles off the far northern tip of New Zealand, where the roiling waters of the Tasman Sea meet the Pacific.
Doug Olander

Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana

The warming sun ripples horizon on a chilly winter morning as anglers look for schooling trout. Doug Olander

The Kimberley, northwestern Australia

I walked around exploring a small island, taking a break from the morning’s fishing, and in a rocky crevice, this sight awaited. Who might have put the skulls there and why, I had and have no idea. Doug Olander

Rennell Sound, British Columbia

Catching a rainbow and a Chinook salmon in the remote Queen Charlottes (Haida Gwaii) Islands. Doug Olander

Indian River Lagoon, Titusville, Florida

When anglers get on spawning schools of bull reds in this shallow estuary, multiple hookups are common. Doug Olander

Midway Atoll, Hawaiian Islands

Resembling a wigged British barrister, this albatross will soon finish shedding its juvenile down. Once a renowned fishing spot, Midway is now the site of a national wildlife refuge, teeming with birds such as albatross who show little fear of humans. Doug Olander

Charleston, South Carolina

Silhouettes in the bright haze of an August afternoon at the edge of the Atlantic. By Doug Olander And Andy Hahn

Off Bernier Island, Western Australia

A look astern from the salon window shows the beginning of a storm that grew worse as night fell, leaving us to pound our way north for 50 miles over 10 hours directly into the seas before reaching the first place we could put in for a calm coastal anchorage. Doug Olander

New Caledonia

One might assume this large island in the tropical Pacific (home to some very large and hard-to-catch bonefish) would be covered with thick jungle, but in fact it’s surprisingly arid. Doug Olander

Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana

Some coaching and words of encouragement for an angler midway through an hour-long battle with a big yellowfin tuna hooked near a “floater” — one of the offshore oil rigs tethered to the depths of the Gulf floor. Doug Olander

Tromsø, Norway

Bays and inlets in the Norwegian Sea — where 400-pound Atlantic halibut lurk — separate hundreds of islands large and small. Conditions can grow mirror calm in the summer where one can fish in daylight nearly 24 hours each day. Doug Olander

San Juan, Puerto Rico

A large iguana doggedly glides across the surface of a wide lagoon. Doug Olander
The moment of truth is at hand for these anglers after battling a big white sturgeon just upstream from Astoria. Doug Olander

New Caledonia

An angler fishes a popper at the edge of the fringing reef. As is clearly visible, the reef plunges in a sheer wall into azure water thousands of feet deep. Doug Olander

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Mountainous swells and a mean break keep this angler well away from the reef crest (its white wash visible on the horizon), but long casts with heavy stick plugs get close enough to produce arm-wrenching strikes. Doug Olander

Icy Strait, Alaska

An angler tries to hurry to the boat a coho salmon as an orca cruises very nearby. Doug Olander

Roca Partida, Mexico

Wahoo triple header just off the rock keeps anglers busy. Doug Olander

At 2,000 feet over Perth, Australia

That’s about where our commuter prop flight up to Shark Bay ran into some problems: While looking out the window I noticed that, oops, the cowling on the starboard engine was coming apart. We returned and landed amid a swarm of emergency vehicles but without incident. Doug Olander

Indian River Lagoon, Titusville, Florida

It’s unanimous: A bull red drum for every angler on a muggy August morning. Doug Olander

Columbia River between Oregon and Washington

The famed “Buoy 10” fishery at the Columbia River mouth has for decades concentrated hundreds of salmon hopefuls, from large motor yachts to tiny river sleds, during the late-August opening. Doug Olander

Venice, Louisiana

Leaving paradise: En route to blue water, a fast center console powers its way down a branch of the lower Mississippi toward one of several inlets that lead to the Gulf of Mexico. Doug Olander

Northern Norway

Reindeer can be just about anywhere along these highways, as here, en route from the airport at Alta to the coast to catch a ferry to Sørøya Island. Doug Olander

Sitka, Alaska

As if pointing the way to the next salmon, this weimeranar joins Sport Fishing‘s Chris Woodward at the rail as the boat trolls just off the kelp. Doug Olander

Shark Bay, Australia

Big narrowbarred Spanish mackerel give three anglers their hands full. Doug Olander

The Kimberley, northwestern Australia

Seen from the air, this most-remote region of the continent offers an amazing vista of steep red-rock canyons where rivers tumble over massive waterfalls directly into saltwater inlets (where fishing can be outstanding). Doug Olander

Campbell River, British Columbia

When summer runs of coho salmon move in, small boats congregate to slow-troll or motor-mooch in the current-swept waters of Johnstone Strait. Doug Olander
A backwater tucked in behind one of rivers that empty into the Caribbean offers a scenic ride to the river mouth to fish for snook. Doug Olander

Northwestern Australia

A “saltie,” as saltwater crocs are known here, takes a break on a rock. Its mouth is open not make it look fearsome (though that’s accomplished) but to help cool its body. Doug Olander

Midway Atoll, Hawaiian Islands

Curious but unafraid, a fairy tern hovers as if to figure out what I am. Doug Olander

Englefield Bay, British Columbia

The end game for guide and angler with high stakes — for what proved to be a Chinook salmon close to 50 pounds. Doug Olander

The Kimberley, northwestern Australia

The rocks at the head of this small bay offer visual testimony to the amazing 30-foot daily tides here, the high-water line clearly evident. Doug Olander

Islamorada, Florida Keys

Incoming! A trio of pelicans about to hit the water where they see mullet schooling. Doug Olander

Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico

They don’t call ‘em boobies for nothing. This chap landed on deck and then stood for quite a while looking longingly out to sea as if convinced he was incarcerated. Doug Olander

Piñas Bay, Panama

A young coastal dweller makes his way north in a tiny canoe. Doug Olander
An angler casts a popper amid the small islands on the western side of Isla del Rey, hoping for a cubera snapper, bluefin trevally, Pacific crevalle, sierra or whatever might be around. Doug Olander