Fishing with Pro Golfer Robert Allenby

Finding offshore action out of Jupiter inlet

May 1, 2012
Our morning started out bright and early at the beautiful marina at Admiral’s Cove in Jupiter, Florida, where PGA Tour veteran Robert Allenby calls home. Mike Mazur
Allenby’s boat, a 61-foot Viking appropriately named C’mon Aussie was primed and ready, and … Mike Mazur
… Allenby’s good friend and excellent fisherman and deckhand Jeremy Browne (younger brother of Senior PGA Tour player Olin Browne) was busy rigging rods. But where was Allenby? Mike Mazur
There he is! A bit late to the docks this morning, but we let him slide with only minor ribbing as he stepped aboard Mike Mazur
Our first stop — the bait boat. We filled the wells with plenty of live goggle eyes this morning, hoping for a decent day offshore. Mike Mazur
Allenby takes the helm and pushes_ C’mon Aussie_ out Jupiter Inlet and towards the reef. Sometimes Rob mans the helm, but most times, it’s … Mike Mazur
… this man, Capt. Brandon O’Connor. Brandon begins slow trolling the reef as the crew below prepares a spread of baits. Mike Mazur
Sport Fishing’s Mike Mazur takes a break from the camera to drop a goggle eye back into the spread. It was the only time he’d touch a rod all day. Allenby consoles him. Mike Mazur
Hooked up! Allenby’s friend Matt Panegasser works the rod, and before long … Mike Mazur
… the fish comes aboard. Not a giant, but this smallish amberjack served as a nice way to start the day. Mike Mazur
Another goggle eye is bridled up and sent back into the spread on the left rigger. Mike Mazur
Bingo! The line snaps down from the clip, the rod doubles over and Allenby pounces on it like a cat. Mike Mazur
This fish was definitely bigger than the little amberjack, and line rips off Rob’s reel, as the fish screams away from the boat. Mike Mazur
Jeremy goes to leader the fish while Rob takes a step back out of the way. A second later … Mike Mazur
… the fish is hit with the gaff and brought aboard. Most everything was released today, but this fish would go in the cooler. Mike Mazur
A very nice kingfish in the 20-pound range. Mike Mazur
Rob thumbs the spool as another bait is dropped back behind the boat. Mike Mazur
And there’s another one! Allenby hams it up a bit with his pals as he works the fish. So what was it? Mike Mazur
A dandy little tunny (or “bonito,” as they’re called locally in Jupiter). A bad-eating fish, this one would be tossed back – but not before a quick snapshot of the 15-pounder, a very respectable size for this species. Mike Mazur
The crew was hoping for something better, though, and the Shimano Tiagra 30s were sent back out on the troll. Mike Mazur
Finally, what we were waiting for! A nice sailfish strikes a bait and comes smoking out of the water in a series of wild jumps. Mike Mazur
The fish, almost whipped, slowly wallows alongside the boat before being billed. Mike Mazur
And there it is, a gorgeous Atlantic sailfish. We’d have to be quick with our photos so the fish could swim away unharmed. Jeremy was looking a bit whipped at this point, and soon … Mike Mazur
… he got the puddin’ beat out of him as the sail started shaking its head! This fish wanted back in the water! So the boys carefully lowered her back into the Atlantic, revived her a bit and she bolted away. A fitting way to end the day. Mike Mazur

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