Fins Weekend 2012

Fishing and fun at the annual Fins Weekend with the Miami Dolphins in South Florida

May 22, 2012
2 ryan toss.jpg
Day of the Hook & Tackle Captain’s Party starts with bait fishing. Hook & Tackle Team Member Ryan Alexander is chucking the net. He wasn’t tossing bananas, but we’re not getting bait either! Scott Salyers
3 fulton bait.jpg
H&T; team members Fulton Ivy and Mike Padgett do their part with sabiki rigs, however we need lots of livies if we plan to compete. Scott Salyers
4 super trophies.jpg
With bait fishing a little slow it was time to head to the Hook & Tackle Captain’s Party. Walking in the door you knew this was a super event. The Super Bowl trophies caught every eye! Scott Salyers
5 locker room.jpg
The mock locker room stalls was a pretty cool way of showing the history of Dolphin greats. Scott Salyers
6 stan.jpg
Stan Rudman of Hook & Tackle always seems to be around the ladies. I want to be like Stan when I grow up. Scott Salyers
7 johnmike.jpg
John Caballero of Sea Vee and Mike Quartin of Ocean Rider enjoy a libation. Scott Salyers
8 reggiephil.jpg
Reggie Bush’s quick moves enabled him to get an interview with the new Dolphins Coach Joe Philbin. I wondered if he asked him for more playing time… Scott Salyers
Discussing strategies is Sea Vee’s Ariel Pared and team H&T;. Scott Salyers
10 mattmoore.jpg
Dolphin quarterback and 2011 MVP Matt Moore tries explaining why he’s not fishing the tournament for fear of getting sea sick. Come on man! Seas were two feet or less. Not that anyone cares, but I think this guy could be even better than his 6 and 3 record as a starter last year. Scott Salyers
11 odark30.jpg
O’dark-30! Without having all the bait we wanted, morning of the tournament came earlier than usual. We were on the water at 4:30 a.m. aboard Juan’s 32′ Sea Vee Beep Beep. Scott Salyers
Checking the frozen bait in case all else fails! Scott Salyers
Ryan’s last toss into the abyss. Another good throw, but similar results. Ugh! Scott Salyers
Executive Decision: Time to call in for reinforcements… Scott Salyers
You want bait? I got bait! How much you holding? Scott Salyers
17 costly.jpg
How much you need Padgett quips back!
Feeling better about our bait situation, it’s time head out and fish…Finally! Scott Salyers
19ab eastbound.jpg
Eastbound on oil-slick seas! Scott Salyers
A transom shot adds perspective. Scott Salyers
Hooked up! Padgett is excited about the prospects of sushi dinner… Scott Salyers
Alexander stands guard ready to sink some cold steel with the end game. Scott Salyers
Wrong species! Scott Salyers
So we go to Capt. Eddie Juan’s secret kingfish spot… We got only one king bite, but the yellowtail were off the chain. Scott Salyers
Team leader Stan Rudman and his friend Champ from Hooters greet us at the dock. Tough letting him know how we did when everything he did for us was first class. Scott Salyers
Team Hook & Tackle still smiling! (L to R) Captain Eddie Juan, Fulton Ivy, Ryan Alexander, Mike Padgett and your truly. Scott Salyers
Contender One crew shares a laugh back at the dock. Ridge Murphy’s 28-pound kingfish was good enough to was a top Junior in that category. Scott Salyers
The legendary Bouncer Smith proves once again that he is still tough to beat in Miami with his impressive 147.6 pounds of fish. Scott Salyers
The men in black, team_ O-Sea-D_ put a hurting on the rest of the field with a whooping yellowfin tuna, some respectable kingfish and a dolphin too. They bested the field while in their quad Mercury-powered 39 Sea Vee. Scott Salyers
Dockside party was abuzz with excitement. Scott Salyers
Hooters gals are looking sharp! Scott Salyers
Dolphins’ receiver Brian Hartline examines his blackfin tuna. Could he be the next Wes Welker or even better? Scott Salyers
Nice dolphin with some nice Dolphin cheerleaders! Scott Salyers
Popular boat Weez in the Keys has a nice blackfin on the scale. Scott Salyers
It looks like Juan has just informed Ivy of the fuel bill! Scott Salyers
33stanwiththe ladies.jpg
There he is again and surrounded by women again! Now we know why Rudman is always smiling! Scott Salyers
Mike Dee, Dolphins CEO and popular radio/TV personality Paul Castronovo get the award ceremony and live auction rolling. Thanks to a bunch of hard work the Miami Dolphins Foundation raised more than $600K for various charities. Hats off to everyone who played a roll in this first class event. Scott Salyers
Time to head for the barn. Team Hook & Tackle leaving Miami Beach Marina for some sleep! Scott Salyers

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