2012 Fishing Gear Premiere

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February 21, 2012

Daiwa Saltiga

ICAST Winner, Best Saltwater Reel Daiwa took its popular Saltiga spinning reels and added features, including Mag Seal, a revolutionary system that seals out corrosion at the rotor bearing using magnetic oil. Also new: the Air Rotor with Zaion carbon construction. This design spreads stress throughout the rotor. Five sizes for medium to heavy action offer 5.7to1 gear ratios and use 14 ball bearings. “Prices range from $1,099.95 to $1,299.95. Call 562-375-6800 or visit

Penn Squall

A graphite frame and side plates plus trademark Penn features like Dura-Drag make Squall lever-drag reels light and tough, the company says. Squalls also come with the Versa-Handle, which allows anglers to extend the reel handle for power or retract it for speed. Four sizes (30- to 60pound class) offer 4.3- to 6.1-to-1 gear ratios and 13 to 30 pounds of max drag. Prices are $159.95 and $179.95. Call 8008925444 or visit

Fin-Nor Marquesa 2-Speed

An extended-gearbox design allows the Marquesa 2-Speed to gather 51 inches of line per crank using the high 6.1-to-1 gear ratio, or hunker down to war with the low 3.1to1 gear. The carbon-fiber drag system offers 45 pounds of drag with free spool. The reel’s aircraft-aluminum frame is forged and precision machined, and designed for braid. “In 20- and 30-pound-class sizes, the reels cost $369 and $389. Call 800-588-9030 or visit

Okuma Raw II

Okuma builds RAW II spinning reels with a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy rather than relying on ­coatings. The T480 alloy showed no structural damage after 480 hours of saturated salt spray. Okuma adds an ano- dized base layer, a painted layer and a coating. RAW II also features Dual Force Drag — an all-carbon-fiber drag stack in a wet-drag system. “In five sizes from 30 to 80, RAW IIs cost $139.99 to $169.99. Call 909-923-2828 or visit

Shimano Terez Rail Rod

ICAST Winner, Best Saltwater Rod Designed for West Coast tuna fishing, Terez Rail Rods offer heavy, extra-heavy and extra-extra-heavy actions that work with braids and top shots starting at 80-pound-test. The TC4 blanks have Fuji K frames with Alconite inserts and a heavy-duty aluminum reel seat, and feature a flat foregrip section for laying on a rail. “Available in five colors, these rods cost $369.99 to $389.99. Call 8775770600 or visit

G.Loomis Pro-4X Fly Rods

ICAST Winner, Best Fly-Fishing Rod Playing off the success of last year’s ICAST-winning NRX series, ­G.Loomis developed the Pro4X fly rods for novice and intermediate anglers. Pro4X four-piece blanks recover quickly and come in eight freshwater sizes and three 9-foot saltwater sizes, with tapers for 8-, 9- and 10-weight lines. All Pro-4X rods come with ­G.Loomis’ Wild Card program, offering anglers a one-time free replacement for broken rods. “Prices range from $350 to $365. Call 800-456-6647 or visit

Star Rods Seagis

Star Rods’ new inshore rods combine Fuji’s latest SK2 split reel seat and K-Series Tangle-Free guides with Alconite rings for light weight and increased sensitivity. The series of 10 Seagis rods weigh 3.5 to 4.3 ounces, and come in 6-foot-6-inch, 7-foot and 7-foot-6-inch lengths. “Seagis rods cost $149.99 to $159.99. Call 252-247-4113 or visit

St. Croix 8-Foot Legend Salt

St. Croix added an 8-foot spinning rod for tuna and trophy stripers to its Legend Salt series for 2012. The LSWS80HM offers heavy power and moderate action while maintaining lightness, the company says. The rod features a graphite blank tooled for ­continuous-curve tapers that is thermo fused with 3M nano-technology resin. “With Fuji guides and SiC rings, aluminum reel seat, gimbal and nylon slick butt, the rod costs $400. Call 800-826-7042 or visit ­

Berkley Nanofil

ICAST Winner, Best of Show, Best Line Describing NanoFil as neither mono nor braid, Berkley says it pushed the limits for minimum diameter and maximum strength with its new gel-spun line for spinning reels. NanoFil consists of Dyneema nanofilaments that are molecularly linked into a unified-filament line. Its smooth texture generates longer, finesse casts while the Dyneema enhances sensitivity. Available in 1- to 12-pound-test and 150-, 300- and 1,500-yard spools, NanoFil costs $19.95 to $179.95. Call 800-237-5539 or visit

Sebile D&S Crank

ICAST Winner, Best Hard Lure The D&S Crank was made to run deep, down to 20 feet while cranking and 28 feet while trolling. Its unusual triangular body and pivoting wide-gap hook inhibit hang-ups and simplify fish release. Three internal chambers contain beads that create sound. Available in nine colors, measuring 2¾ inches and weighing 7/8 ounces, the D&S costs $14.50. Call 325-437-8103 or visit

Rapala X-Rap Magnum 05

Measuring 4 inches long and weighing half an ounce, the X-Rap Magnum 05 runs to depths of five feet. Its deep-diving lip delivers it to the strike zone fast while the textured translucent body, internal holographic foil and 3-D holographic eyes lure in predators. Available in 16 color patterns and fitted with extra-strong VMC 4X Perma Steel trebles, the 05 costs $14.99. Visit

Seaguar Kanzen Braid

Seaguar, known for its fluorocarbon lines, has ­introduced Kanzen, a new high-performance braid made from ultrathin microfiber strands in a high-density weave. Seaguar says Kanzen offers maximum knot strength with high ­abrasion resistance while remaining soft and sensitive. Available in green and white and in 8- to 200-pound-test, Kanzen ranges in price from $17 to $140 for 150-, 300- or 500-yard spools. Call 212-867-7040 or visit

Yo-Zuri Crystal 3-D Shrimp

A realistic, hard-bodied lure that features a patented 3-D prism finish, Yo-Zuri’s new, slow-sinking shrimp comes with lifelike rubber legs and a pulsating feathered tail. The 2¾-inch shrimp weighs ¼ ounce and the 3½-inch version weighs 7/16 ounce. The lures come in seven colors including chartreuse purple, ghost shrimp, hot pink and UV root beer. Packaged individually, they cost $12.95 and $13.95. Call 888-336-9775 or visit

Sufix Castable Invisiline

Sufix says its blend of Invisiline ingredients results in a pure fluorocarbon line that’s strong and abrasion resistant but also provides sensitivity and castability. With a low-stretch index, Castable Invisiline sinks four times faster than traditional nylon lines, Sufix says, and it’s virtually invisible underwater. The line comes in pound-tests from 4 to 20 and in 100- or 200-yard spools. It costs $13.99 to $32.99. Visit

Z-Man Scented Paddlerz

The new PaddlerZ, made from ZMan’s nontoxic ElaZtech plastic, features a segmented body and thin paddle tail, and can be fished with fast or slow retrieve speeds. ZMan used a natural menhaden scent for the bait, which comes in 4- or 5-inch lengths. Colors include pearly, new penny, electric chicken, root-beer gold and smoky shad. Five-packs of PaddlerZ cost $4.99. Call 8008223398 or visit

Powerpro Superslick 8

PowerPro used eight-yarn Spectra fiber braided under high tension to create a smooth-surfaced braid — SuperSlick 8 — that offers castability and line management. Available in green, brown, marine blue and high-viz yellow, SuperSlick comes in pound-tests from 10 to 80 and in 150-, 300- and 1,500-yard spools. Prices range from $19.99 to $219.99. Call 877-577-0600 or visit

Heddon Super Spook XT

To fortify its classic topwater Spook for the marine environment, Heddon fitted the lure with stout hardware. The XT features two 1/0 3X-strong hooks and saltwater-grade hook hangers and split rings. The 5-inch bait weighs 1 ounce and comes in 12 colors, including red head flash, mackerel, sardine, silver mullet and greenie colors. Packaged individually, the XT costs $9.99. Call 479-782-8971 or visit

Plano 4674 Hydro-Flo Tackle Bag

ICAST Winner, Best Tackle Management Whether you fish in rain or stand awash in the cockpit, Plano says its Guide Series Hydro-Flo tackle bags can handle the elements. New for 2012, the 4674 model comes with the series’ rigid base — designed to let water flow through — five 3700 and two 3600 ProLatch StowAway utility boxes, and additional storage in side and back pockets. At 24-by-13.5-by-3.5 inches, the 4674 costs $99.99. Call 800-226-9868 or visit

Costa Women’s Collection

ICAST Winner, Best Eyewear Adding feminine fashion to performance, Costa has debuted four new women’s sunglasses — Hammock, Little Harbor, Tippet and Islamorada — all designed with current trends in mind as well as top functionality on the water. The glasses come in an assortment of frame colors, including tortoise, black, salmon/white crystal, white and black/coral, and are available with Costa’s 580 and 580 Rx lens technologies. Prices range from $149 to $249. Call 800-447-3700 or visit

Humminbird 1158c DI Combo

ICAST Winner, Best Electronics Anglers who want both down imaging and traditional sonar — to compare the two side-by-side — clamored for Humminbird to expand its DI combo lineup. So Humminbird added down imaging to the popular 1158c and four others. (Initially, the combination was offered only in the 500 and 700 series.) Prices range from $379.99 for the 345c DI to $2,199.99 for the 1158c DI Combo. Call 8006331468 or visit

Power-Pole 10-Foot Blade

ICAST Winner, Best Boating Accessory Power-Pole made the Blade Edition thinner and more ­aerodynamic, and included a new 10-foot model that holds even deeper. The Blade comes with a new wireless dash switch and remote to control fast, medium or slow speeds, and the CMonster Control System, which offers control from a smartphone. Blades come in black, white, blue or red, and cost $1,795 (8-footer) or $1,999 (10-footer). Call 813-689-9932 or visit

Hobie Mirage Revolution 11

ICAST Winner, Best Boat The Mirage Revolution 11 offers anglers a lighter, shorter version of an already popular pedal-driven model. The cockpit includes several hatches and two molded-in rod holders. The aft section can accommodate a livewell or more rod storage. The kayak measures 11 feet, 6 inches long and 29 inches wide; it weighs 47 pounds and carries 300 pounds. With a two-piece paddle and padded seatback, it costs $1,749. Call 800-462-4349 or visit

FLIR First Mate MS

FLIR added two new units to its line of handheld thermal night-vision cameras. The First Mate MS224 and MS324 — $1,999 and $2,999 — are scopes, made for viewing only rather than viewing and recording images. As a result, the MS models weigh only 12 ounces; they come with a built-in LED flashlight and ­rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The MS224 features a 240-by-180-pixel detector, and the 324 offers 320-by-240-pixel resolution. Call 877-773-3547 or visit

Sundog Eyewear Phantom

Sundog Eyewear has paired with World Fishing Network pro Mark Melnyk to design a sunglasses series for fishing, including the Phantom (pictured). The glasses feature polycarbonate, photo chromic, polarized lenses; adjustable nose pads and Mela-Lens technology — which uses synthetic melanin to reduce visible, or blue, light without color distortion. Sundog expects to start selling the series online in late November; retail pricing was unavailable at press time. Visit
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