Gallery: ICAST 2014 Tackle Trade Show GoPro

The unique perspective of the GoPro lens takes a peek at ICAST 2014, the world's largest tackle trade show, with some interesting results in these 20 photos.

July 24, 2014
01 g0420331.jpg

A School of Lures

The near-fisheye lens of a GoPro Hero 3+ see things a big differently than you or I might. While walking the aisles at this year’s ICAST international tackle trade show in Orlando, I snapped a few shots here and there. This is not a product-review gallery by any means; it’s simply 20 shots that reflect some of what my GoPro saw at ICAST, just for fun. The “school of lures” you see “swimming” here is part of the Denmark-based Westin Lures booth.
02 g0810647.jpg

I Theen’ We’re Going to Need a Beeger Tackle Box!

More than 11,000 people in total visited or participated in ICAST 2014; a tiny fraction of 480 exhibitors are visible in this photo.
03 g0610517.jpg

Ready to Do Battle

Down the line — Penn spinning reels glisten in the overhead lights. The new Battle II (bottom row) should be a huge winner; my sense from handling them was of a reel that would hold up more-or-less forever.
04 g0390307.jpg

Shady Side of the Street

Sunglasses glisten in one of several such vertical displays in the Costa booth.
05 g0110192.jpg

Mighty Big Lures

Man-size muskies? Just a GoPro point of view. Behind these Savage Gear lures (from the left) are_ Sport Fishing_’s Sam Hudson, Chris Woodward and Jim Hendricks.
06 g0070180.jpg

Nice Rack!

Shimano boasts a serious range of actions and sizes in its popular Teramar line.
07 g0350295.jpg

Made in Brazil

Borboleta came from Brazil to exhibit its handpainted lures like these variations of its Ballyhoo popper.
08 g0180210.jpg

Silent Sentinels

Silent sentinels would keep an eye out around the Columbia Sportswear booth, if they had eyes. But what they lack in vision they make up for in wardrobe — these posers are always stylin’!
09 g0580481.jpg

A Color for All Occasions

Eye-catching colors fill the pegboard display in the Yo-Zuri booth. A Color for All Occasions
10 g0360300.jpg

Best in Show!

Johnson Outdoors’ new Old Town Predator XL kayak took Best of Show honors for the single best product of any type.
11 g0470351.jpg

Things Are Looking Up

We seldom see lures from below, but the GoPro got down ‘n dirty to look upward, at the Westin booth.
12 g0220232.jpg

Tuna Hunters

With its popular Tuna Hunter series poppers front/center, this Strike Pro display shows a variety of topwaters.
13 g0650546.jpg

Ready for Blue Water

Wilderness Kayak‘s new Thresher is designed for serious offshore yak anglers. Ready for Blue Water
14 g0650551.jpg

Mini Sub?

Putting the bow of the Thresher kayak in the GoPro’s face yields an entirely different look, suggesting a shape more like a submarine than a kayak!
15 g0740587.jpg

True to Life Pinfish

Just this side of real, these pinfish lures from Live Target are certainly true to life.
16 g0800639.jpg

One Pissed-Off Redfish

Nice rendering of a marauding redfish by artist Ray Domingo on this Bigfin t-shirt.
17 g0260254.jpg

Poppers from Down Under

Australian lure manufacturer Halco‘s revered Roosta Popper series has long been a favorite Down Under and around much of the world.
18 g0240241.jpg

Ready for Action

Smaller inshore and freshwater lures by Strike Pro in an appealing display.
19 g0630533.jpg

Wall of Boards

Bote paddleboards form a wall around its exhibit. A number of paddleboard makers displayed their wares at this year’s show.
20 g0520410.jpg

Last Look

Another view of one small part of the show, held in the Orange County Convention Center. ICAST will be back in July 2015.

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