Yamaha Expands SHO Outboard Lineup, Improves Popular F150

Four new propellers plus Helm Master for quad and F200 applications join 2015 roster.

Yamaha Marine 2015 Product Intros

Yamaha Marine hosted marine journalists at its Bridgeport, Alabama, test facility on Oct. 10 for a sneak preview of the company’s 2015 innovations. The new-year introductions and improvements include: Yamaha expects most of the products to enter retail markets this spring, with pricing to come. Helm Master Quad is available now, and the various prop models will roll out between now and summertime. The following eight slides include short descriptions of each product:

Yamaha V MAX SHO 250X and 150X

The 4.2-liter, V6 250 (pictured) and the 2.8-liter, four-cylinder 150 SHO outboards now come in 25-inch-shaft models instead of just 20-inch versions. The SHO family, originally designed for lower-freeboard boats — particularly bass boats — can now expand into a broader range of models and markets. (Note: Other SHO engines, including the new 175 and 115, still come only in 20-inch versions.)

V MAX SHO 175 and 115

These two smaller outboards join the V MAX SHO 250, 225, 200 and 150 — a family of four-strokes that offer high-performance characteristics. The 2.8-liter, 16-valve 175 (pictured) features Yamaha’s variable camshaft timing, which advances and retards the angle of the intake camshaft to increase power and throttle response, particularly in the low- and mid-rpm ranges. (Click to the next image for more on the 115 SHO.)

V MAX SHO 175 and 115

The 1.8-liter 115 (pictured) offers Yamaha’s 16-valve, double-overhead cam, four-cylinder design. It comes with the company’s long-track intake system and free-flow exhaust, plus a knock sensor, allowing the outboard to operate at peak output. Full-throttle rpm range is 6,300, which means Yamaha can better tailor the gear ratio for low-speed thrust while delivering top-end speed.

Yamaha F150B

Yamaha acknowledged that it took great care when refreshing the F150 — the company’s most popular model — first introduced in 2004. The F150B now has an eight-tooth dog clutch, replacing the six-tooth version, which improves reliability and shifting. It features internal machining and metallurgical improvements including stronger, better valve guides and valve seats. Yamaha also added variable trolling rpm, which lets anglers adjust trolling speed in 50-rpm increments between 650 and 900 rpm. Beyond that, the updates include a new, lighter cowling and more padding in the powerhead.

Helm Master Quad and F200

Yamaha’s Helm Master system, which includes multiple features such as auto trim, auto steering friction and joystick control, has expanded to select quad-outboard (pictured) and 2.8-liter, four-cylinder F200 applications. Previously, the system was compatible with select twin- and triple-outboard setups, using six-cylinder V6 offshore models and the V8 F350. Enhancements will include updated system software, joystick calibration for forward/reverse, and a new remote control box. Helm Master Quad is available now; Helm Master for F200 is expected this spring. Chris Woodward

Saltwater Series XL SDS

Like its predecessor, the new Saltwater Series XL SDS, specifically designed for the 5.3L V8 F350 outboard, features Yamaha’s Shift Dampener System for clunk-free shifting and quieter operation. However, as an improvement, the updated hub system does not require special hardware on the propeller shaft in order to operate. The new hub more easily back-fits older F350s that currently do not use the Shift Dampener System. The updated Saltwater Series XL SDS propellers continue to come in right- and left-hand rotation, in 15-, 17-, 19-, 21-, and 23-inch pitches.

Talon SS SDS

Yamaha’s all-new Talon SS SDS props combine clunk-free shifting and smooth in-gear operation with high-performance for medium-sized aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats, bay boats, and flats boats that use Yamaha’s F70 up through the all-new F115 (or the High Thrust T50 and T60 models). The new stainless-steel props feature a 13 1/8-inch diameter and will be available in 14-, 16-, 18-, and 20-inch pitch right-and left-hand rotation models, as well as 19-, 22-, and 24-inch pitch right-hand rotation models.

Reliance SDS and Performance

New Reliance SDS models (pictured right) include 13-inch, right-hand and 14-inch, right- and left-hand rotation models, which add to the line’s existing 15-, 17-, 18-, 19-, and 21-inch right- and left-hand rotation models. For smaller outboards, Performance 3 three-blade propellers are now available in 10- and 11-inch pitches, providing stronger acceleration and performance on F30 through F60 four-stroke models, as well as some applications using the High Thrust T25. Yamaha also added 14- and 16-inch pitch models of its Performance 4 four-blade propellers for F70 through F115 four-stroke customers. Performance XT propellers (pictured at left) are available in 17-, 19-, 21-, and 22-inch pitches to help modern boats with larger four-stroke outboards (F150-F300) perform at their peak.