Offshore-Ready Bay Boats

EdgeWater 240 IS
EDGEWATER 240 IS This bay boat lives up to its inshore design with elevated fore and aft casting decks. It also offers 19 inches of gunwale height in the middle of the layout to keep crew secure, in case you decide to blast out to the Gulf Stream on a nice day when the mahi are biting. Load it up with the max horsepower of 350 on the standard electric jack plate, and you’ll have the speed to get there and back quickly. The 77-gallon fuel tank should provide sufficient range. The 240 IS also features the peace of mind of a self-bailing deck and flotation that makes it unsinkable. Though it has only 14.5 degrees of V at the transom, the sharp entry of the variable-deadrise hull knifes cleanly through chop, and the 24-foot LOA is long enough to bridge moderate wind waves. Standard Lenco trim tabs let you fine-tune the ride to the sea conditions. The 35-gallon aft livewell should keep you supplied with bait on any forays off the beach, as well as when you’re casting pilchards to shore pockets and points while bay fishing. LOA: 24 ft
BEAM: 8 ft. 7 in.
DRAFT: 13 in.
DEADRISE: 14.5 deg.
MAX HP: 350 EdgeWater Power Boats
Edgewater, Florida
Everglades 243CC
EVERGLADES 243cc While much about the 243cc denotes “bay boat,” Everglades avoids such a label when describing its 24-foot-3-inch center-console design. The self-bailing interior is encircled by deeper gunwales than in most bay boats. Even the forward casting platform is recessed, yet the low freeboard is bay boat-esque, as is the optional bow-mounted trolling motor. Hull draft with the engine up is just 16 inches. The most telling offshore quality of the 243cc is the hull’s deeper V. With 19 degrees of deadrise at the transom and sharp entry forward, it’s steeper than most bay boats, allowing the hull to slice smoothly through choppy water if you run outside for king mackerel or to fish a coastal wreck for snapper. The maximum horsepower rating of 300 and the 80-gallon fuel tank also imply offshore capability. Wherever you go, you’ll appreciate the 36-gallon livewell in the aft deck and 75-gallon in-sole fish locker. We’re not sure if this is a bay boat that you can take offshore, or an offshore boat you can fish inshore. Whatever — with the 243cc, you have the versatility to fish both. LOA: 24 ft. 3 in.
BEAM: 8 ft. 2 in.
DRAFT: 16 in.
DEADRISE: 19 deg.
MAX HP: 300 Everglades Boats
Edgewater, Florida
Grady-White 251 CE
GRADY-WHITE 251 CE Brand new to this coastal-hybrid scene, the Grady-White 251 CE (Coastal Explorer) represents a first-of-its-kind design from the popular North Carolina boatbuilder. Grady does not call this 251 CE a bay boat, yet it was created for inshore use with offshore capability. At 24 feet, 7 inches, the 251 CE features lower-than-normal gunwales for easy access to the water, and it draws just 14 inches. The 16-degree deadrise and maximum horsepower rating of 300 help it transition to offshore seas quickly. Transformable seats fore and aft fold down to create casting decks and open up for lounges, allowing the boat to shift from focused fishing to family fun. The company says the new Coastal Explorer center-console is every bit a Grady-built hull, designed for peace of mind, -reliability and comfort. Anglers will get their first look at the 251 CE at the Miami International Boat Show in mid-February. LOA: 24 ft. 7 in.
BEAM: 8 ft. 6 in.
DRAFT: 14 in.
DEADRISE: 16 deg.
Max HP: 300 Grady-White Boats
Greenville, North Carolina
Yellowfin 24 Bay
YELLOWFIN 24 BAY With flush casting decks fore and aft, a hydraulic jack plate, and a draft (with engine up) of just 14 inches, Yellowfin’s 24 Bay definitely appeals to inshore anglers. Yet with a maximum of 350 hp, a 75-gallon fuel tank and relatively high gunwales in the middle of the self-bailing interior, you can race offshore when conditions permit, and return just as quickly if the wind comes up. In fact, that’s just what Yellowfin owner Wylie Nagler did in this -near-25-footer (24 feet, 10 inches) one year during the Southern Kingfish Association nationals, when he took the boat 15 miles offshore in -less-than-glassy seas — a move that earned his team second place in the tournament. “In those conditions, a little common sense and good seamanship go a long way,” says Nagler. “But if the weather kicks up, you have -confidence to get home safely.” With just 15 degrees of deadrise at the transom, the Yellowfin 24 Bay doesn’t pretend to be an offshore fishing machine, but its sharp entry cuts down the chop. On those rare days when wind lays off and seas turn to glass, it has the size and stability to let you zip outside and sample the wonders of blue-water fishing. LOA: 24 ft. 10 in.
BEAM: 8 ft. 6 in.
DRAFT: 14 in.
DEADRISE: 15 deg.
MAX HP: 350 Yellowfin Yachts
Bradenton, Florida
Contender 25 Bay
CONTENDER 25 BAY At the request of its owners and admirers, Contender put its 32 years of boatbuilding experience into the design and construction of the 25 Bay, making sure it fished the shallows well, while providing ample offshore capability and family comfort. With moderate gunwale height and drawing a mere 12 inches, the 25 fishes skinny. Its fore and aft casting decks offer plenty of room for multiple anglers. The 25-foot-4-inch LOA and the twin-stepped hull create a seaworthy platform that takes moderate seas in stride. The 15.5-degree transom deadrise allows the 25 Bay to remain steady at rest while affording anglers a stable and soft ride. The reverse-radius chine and bow flare provide a dry ride and a quiet slow troll. Rated for 350 hp and carrying a 90-gallon fuel tank, this bay boat tops out in the 60s with plenty of range for most coastal fishing. In addition, bolster pads along the full length of the cockpit aid anglers fighting big offshore fish. The boat’s backbone is a one-piece, solid-glass structural grid for lightweight strength. It also employs vinylester resin and balsa coring in the hull. The high-density-foam transom can easily support a hefty outboard, and includes recessed trim-tab pockets. LOA: 25 ft. 4 in.
BEAM: 8 ft. 6 in.
DRAFT: 12 in.
DEADRISE: 15.5 deg.
MAX HP: 350 Contender
Homestead, Florida