22 Dazzling Works of Fish Art by Carey Chen

This collection shows with striking clarity why Carey Chen is among the world's foremost painters of marine art.

September 11, 2014
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Carey Chen is one of the leading artists who paint saltwater fish and fishing scenes. The south Florida resident has never had an art lesson, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at his superb depictions of game fish. Enjoy these 22 paintings; learn more about this painting, “Marlin Moon,” and about the artist, as you click through this gallery. All of these, by the way, are acrylic on canvas. You can see many other Carey Chen paintings (and a few of these) at another gallery posted in 2012 on this site.
01 in0017 predator.jpg

PREDATOR (30×40 inches, 2008)

Perhaps “Predators” better suits this depiction of a fly-hooked tarpon being stalked by a large hammerhead — a scene too familiar to many south Florida tarpon guides.
02 off002 yellow_run.jpg

YELLOWFIN RUN (30×40 inches, 2010)

Yellowfin are one of my favorite gamefish to fight and eat. After many years of chasing them in the Bahamas, I find seeing them schooling and feeding as exciting as catching them. Unspecified
03 off009 psychoblue .jpg


Memories of blue marlin crashing schools of tuna gave me this vision of an underwater encounter. Unspecified
04 off0020 mahi hook up.jpg

MAHI HOOKUP (30×40, 2010)

The chameleon-like mahi is visually a most interesting game fish, changing so strikingly from brilliant blue to yellow-and-green when hooked.
05 off0037 competitor wahoo.jpg

COMPETITION (36×48, 2010)

Wahoo are one of the hardest gamefish to paint, but after catching so many, the brilliant stripes and colors sticks in my memory.
06 off005 reef cup 2010 .jpg

OUT OF SIGHT / REEF CUP (30×40, 2011)

This painting was commissioned for the prestigious Reef Cup in Ocean Reef, Key Largo. From fishing this for the past 20 years, I had a clear visions of sailfish feeding on the Reef while tournament boats are setting up. Unspecified
07 in0027 ambush.jpg

AMBUSH (36×48, 2006)

One of my most detailed paintings, having a 3D effect with the pilings going off in the distance. I have witnessed this scene of snook ambushing bait fish. This is also one of my favorites among inshore paintings.
08 off0042 king reef web.jpg

KING REEF (36×48, 2007)

Kingfish have beautiful and deeply colored skin when alive, the iridescent silver reflecting gold and red in the sunlight.
09 in008 oilspill.jpg

OIL SPILL (30×40, 2010)

After the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, I created this painting to raise funds for the environmental analysis and cleanup efforts. Unspecified
10 off0012 white delight.jpg

WHITE DELIGHT (36×48, 2010)

White Marlin feeding on small bonito is a scene that stuck in my mind after fishing off La Guiara, Venezuela. Unspecified
11 off0047 wahoo haven.jpg

WAHOO HAVEN (30×40, 2010)

I’ve caught many wahoo while fishing on floating debris; this is a favorite hangout for ‘hoo.
12 re002 mutton reef .jpg

MUTTON REEF (36×48, 2009)

My favorite pasttime in the Bahamas is fishing the full moon in June for muttons. Ever wonder what goes on below as you chum the reefs?
13 off003 intruder .jpg

INTRUDER (36×36, 2012)

Here, I present a blue marlin in its natural setting feeding on its favorite meal, small tunas. I witnessed this a few times fishing off Venezuela. This is probably my favorite offshore work. Unspecified
14 off0069 blue moon.jpg

MARLIN MOON (30×40, 2010)

“Marlin Moon” was commissioned for a restaurant that requested a unique marlin painting.
15 in006 snook cruise large.jpg

SNOOK CRUISE (30×40, 2010)

One of my most intricate paintings showing snook in the mangroves. My experience diving the shoreline of Florida inspired me.
16 off0025 just taken.jpg

JUST TAKEN (30×40, 2009)

This painting shows the changes in the hues of mahi when they’re hooked versus free-swimming.
17 off00100 refuge .jpg


The circle of life… Predators stalk mahi which stalk baitfish around floating debris.
18 off001 blue marlin bite.jpg


My inspiration for this piece comes from witnessing the awesome bite of a blue marlin, which makes for an unforgettable impression. Unspecified
19 off0010 frenzy.jpg

FRENZY (24×36, 2011)

My first gamefish in this country were sailfish off Miami feeding on ballyhoo. Unspecified
20 off0017 slammer.jpg

SLAMMER (30×40, 2010)

Mahi were the earliest game fish I remember catching while growing up in Jamaica. The acrobatic display and brilliant colors make this one of my trademark paintings.
21 off0074 night slayer.jpg

NIGHT SLAYER (36×48, 2009)

Swordfish — the king of all game fish; here, the reflections and moonlit sky contrast with the color of this fish.
22 re005 hog snapper lr.jpg

HOG SNAPPER (36×48, 2008)

The best-eating and among most colorful of reef fishes; a favorite of mine among Florida fishes. While growing up in Miami, I dove often for them.
23 carey head shot.jpg


Carey Chen is truly self taught, having never set foot in an art school nor taken a lesson. He has, however, spent a lifetime on or in the ocean, observing, fishing and gaining perspective (with a near-photographic memory) and inspiration. Although born in California, Chen grew up in Jamaica, moving with his family to Miami when he was 18. He cites light and depth as critical factors in each of his paintings. His paintings have appeared on the covers of more than 400 magazines; he’s been the featured artist in more tournaments than he can remember. Chen has always dedicated much his time and work to charities and has been widely recognized accordingly. Learn more about Carey Chen and his art here. Courtesy Carey Chen

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