Dorado Invade Southern California Waters

Southern California anglers catch "mahi madness" as dorado find warm water as far north as the Channel Islands.
The gleaming golden flanks leave no doubt as to why Mexican anglers named this species dorado — Spanish for gold. Jim Hendricks
Dorado congregate under floating kelp paddies which also hold bait such as Pacific mackerel jacks — a favorite prey for mahi right now. Jim Hendricks
Fly-lining live mackerel or sardines is the most popular method of catching dorado under floating kelp paddies. Jim Hendricks
The name “dorado” is Spanish for gold, but the fish goes by a number of names among Southern California anglers, including mahi, blunt-head and dodo. Jim Hendricks
Dorado are not the only exotic species to invade the Southern California coast. Finback whale are also finding the rich, warm waters appealing. Jim Hendricks
The dorado off the Southern California coast this summer have been averaging between 10 and 15 pounds. Jim Hendricks
Anglers have found that they need fairly light tackle to entice dorado to bite — no more than 25-pound test. Jim Hendricks
Mark Wisch revels in a recent light-tackle dorado catch off the Southern California coast. Jim Hendricks
When dorado are found under a kelp paddy close to shore, it’s not unusual to find several boats fishing and catching mahi. Jim Hendricks
Josh Hendricks battles a strong dorado on light tackle in the late afternoon. Some of the best mahi fishing takes place late in the day, often just before sunset. Jim Hendricks
In epic El Nino fashion, dorado are thick in the warm ocean waters off the Southern California coast right now. Next, read the related blog » Jim Hendricks