Bigger, Faster, Sexier: A Fresh Look at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show (Part 2)

See the Boat Show through the Unique Wide-Angle Perspective of a Go-Pro Lens

b37 g1040926.jpg
Simply Awesome New Whaler
Whaler's new 420 Outrage is outrageously alluring. The company's new flagship is simply awesome. Note: This is part 2 of a two-part gallery. If you missed part 1, you can see it by clicking here (this link repeated at the end of this gallery, also).
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A View from the Bow
The 420 Outrage looks ready to take on any seas.
b39 g0990892.jpg
Seductive Lines
Speaking of taking on seas, you can't miss the characteristic bow flare of this Invincible.
b40 g0660715.jpg
Hobie's Biggest Kayak
Even kayaks are going bigger. Prospective buyers look over Hobie's Pro Angler 17T, a very stable, pedal-driven fishing machine for two anglers.
b41 g0730763.jpg
Tricked-Out Yellowfin
Tom Rowland's tricked-out Yellowfin 24 has to be one of the hottest bay boats you'll find anywhere.
b42 g0910857.jpg
Sea Chaser Ready for Blue Water
Carolina Skiff's Sea Chaser division offers affordable, serious offshore fishing machines like this 2400.
b43 img_7775.jpg
Ready to Rock 'n Roll
This very sharp Hydrasports 23 Bay has it all, including some impressive speakers under the T-top, in case you just can't any longer stand the tranquility of quiet waters.
b44 g1090960.jpg
Wrapped and Ready
With a striking Garmin wrap (I point that out lest you miss it), this Team Tuppens** **Jupiter 38**** looks like it's ready to rumble.
b45 g1120983.jpg
Long and Lean
Shot from the bow, this photo emphasizes the length of the Jupiter 38.
b46 g1140993.jpg
Multi-Purpose Pathfinder
Pathfinder is marketing its new 2600 TRS as a "his and hers bay boat," with optional head and various seating options while also offering a high-performance twin-stepped hull.
b47 g1171015.jpg
Bay Boat With a Head
As promised, the 2600 Pathfinder has plenty of space in the walk-down console for a Porta-Potty.
b48 g1211043.jpg
Color Coordinated
Intrepid's striking 400 Cuddy with color-coordinated Seven Marine outboards is a head turner.
b49 g1301101.jpg
Comfortable at Any Speed
Hells Bay Boatworks' Gary Jennings demonstrates the seating comfort of a Professional model skiff.
b50 g0870838.jpg
Raymarine, Ready for the Masses
In the electronics room, Raymarine gears up early the first morning for the onslaught of a crowd.
b51 img_7668.jpg
Remarkable Detail and Clarity
As this Raymarine HybridTouch shows, the quality of sonar images just keeps getting better.
b52 g0850833.jpg
Impressive Displays
Just one of the always impressive displays at the Furuno booth.
b53 g0830824.jpg
Show Me!
Demonstrations of new technology always attract crowds.
b54 img_7675.jpg
Humminbird Lineup
Anyone in the market to buy/upgrade their electronics can spend hours in the electronics room, where manufacturers like Humminbird, offer hands-on trials of all or most of their product line.
b55 img_7677.jpg
Side-Imaging on Display
Most units on display are programmed to offer a real-world view of what they can do, and often provide information on what the unit can do, as does this Humminbird Onix CrossTouch, an option for inshore coastal anglers.
b56 img_7686.jpg
Mind Boggling
Garmin's new Panoptix "all-seeing sonar" is well named, offering omniscient views in any direction.
b57 img_7688.jpg
Seemingly Infinite Flexibility
The flexibility of the Panoptix system is remarkable. It relies on a multi-beam phased-array transducer to make the magic work.
b58 img_7699.jpg
Fish Forecasting
At the Roffs booth, Mitch Roffer explains the benefits of his service to a serious offshore angler.
b59 g0880840.jpg
Ready at the Flir Booth
Just as the show opens on day two, the Flir team is ready.
b60 img_7728.jpg
Invasion of the Drones
Also on the morning of day two, the Boating Writers International annual conference, held in conjunction with the boat show, appears to be under attack, but it's all part of a demonstration on drones (unmanned aerial vehicles). The tiny propellers push some serious air, as noted by papers that seem to be levitating off the table.
b62 img_7701.jpg
A Mahi Moment
Marine artist K.C. Scott's work was on display, also. Scott was one of the artists featured in the Sport Fishing gallery "Top Marine Artists Pick Their Favorite Paintings."
b63 g0680727.jpg
Fishing in Luxury
Side view: A serious fishing boat with what Pursuit calls "yacht-caliber comfort in a trailerable-sized package" describes its S 280 Sport.
b64 img_7663.jpg
Standing Room Only
Standing room only. Crowds flocked to wait in line for a chance to walk through the world's largest production center console, Hydrasports Sueños 53. (If you don't have well over seven figures to spend, you can't afford one.)
b65 g1241067.jpg
A Serious Helm
The expansive helm on the Sueños 53’s console.
b66 g1251070.jpg
Three's No Crowd
Three’s not a crowd on this boat. The Sueños padded seating is uncrowded behind the console. Note the teak flooring throughout.
b67 g1261073.jpg
Well-Appointed Cabin
A peek inside the forward cabin of the Sueños.
b68 g0040373.jpg
All Systems Go
A look at one small part of the boat show early in the morning, long before its official opening.
b69 g0020359.jpg
Deserted -- But Not for Long
Another view of the show floor before the event opens to the public.
b70 img_7756.jpg
Parting Shot
The boat show is full of surprises. (If you didn't catch part 1 of this gallery, click here to see all the cool stuff you missed.)