Wire Leaders

Wire Leaders Take the Bite Out of Toothy Game Fish
Some anglers are satisfied with long-established techniques such as haywire twists in single-strand wire. Jason Arnold (
For others, there are tie-able wire options like AFW’s Surflon.
Does leader color make a difference? Most wire-leader ­companies offer shiny or bright, black or brown, or camo color ­options. Different fishermen have their own personal preferences. “Black is a popular color because anglers say it vanishes in the water,” says Keith Kessler, of Knot 2 Kinky leaders. Camo finishes are also said to succumb to the same disappearing act. Capt. Dave Kostyo uses a coffee or bronze color, not silver. “I don’t want any sun reflection off the leader,” says Kostyo. “A fish will hit that leader instead of the bait.” Joe Marshall, of Malin, uses bright-colored leaders, but he alters them first with some elbow grease. “Baitfish have dark tops and silver sides to hide from prey,” he says, “so I knock the shine off my bright leaders with an emery cloth before rigging.”
Various makers produce titanium-alloy leaders to handle knots. Tie-able Tuf Leader is stainless steel wrapped around a braided core.
Titanium leaders have a bit of elasticity to them, such as Knot 2 Kinky. Tie a clinch knot, but stop tightening when you feel the material stretch.