In Photos: SoCal Lingcod Primer

Voracious lingcod hunt for prey around deep structure off Southern California, sometimes feeding in groups that roam from spot to spot.Ron Ballanti
Big lingcod push smaller lings out of the best ambush areas on a wreck or reef. These lairs are often along a ledge or drop‑off.Brandon Cole
Fearless and greedy, a lingcod might sink its teeth into a hooked rockfish and refuse to let go, allowing anglers to land lings that were never hooked.Doug Olander
Jim Hendricks
With powerful flanks and rows of sharp teeth, lingcod will quickly shred light lines. Heavy tackle is a must for wrestling big fish out of structure.Mark Wisch
A small, lively rockfish such as this flag rockfish can prove irresistible to a big, hungry lingcod.Jim Hendricks