Light-Tackle Stripers

Adrian E. Gray
You don’t always need heavy gear to score trophy bass like this. Ten-pound-test can get the job done.John Mcmurray
While he’s caught 30-plus pounders in knee-deep water, Poyer says most fish atop the flats are small. The bigger fish tend to stay just off the edge of the shallow flats.Brian Horsley
David Shepherd

“Texpose” a Hogy for Big Bass

(A) Bryce Poyer likes to Texpose a 6-inch Hogy for big stripers. First, he inserts an Owner 7/0 offset worm hook into the soft plastic’s head. (B) The hook point is pulled through and exits in the channel in the underside of the Hogy. (C) The hook is rotated and positioned so the soft bait lies perfectly straight, with no twist or curl. Poyer prefers the knot inside the soft plastic, as it helps hold the bait in place, even through a few bites. (D) The resulting rig is commonly referred to as “Texposed” — a weedless Texas Rig, but with an exposed hook ­point.Capt. Vincent Daniello
Eric Kulin