Spotting Fish

Pat Ford
Sight-Fishing Nightmare: Murky water, choppy surface. Find places where targets must cross sand.David McCleaf
Four Tips for Sight-Fishing in Tough Conditions: 1. Position the boat where fish swim into the wind and tend to push wakes. 2. Find a place where the water suddenly shoals, making fish turn abruptly. 3. Follow the tide as it rises up a long, low slope to stay atop tailers for hours. 4. On a falling tide, find deeper water where fish congregate as they swim off shallow flats.Dave Underwood
Deepwater Sight-Fishing: When visibility presents a problem for stalking sailfish or dolphin with a fly offshore, Moret suggests a hookless bait or plug as a teaser to draw fish in where they can be seen. Pull it away and present the fly.Doug Olander