Florida Starts Lionfish Records Program

Sunshine State attacks the invasive species with incentives to anglers.
Lionfish are a menace in Florida waters. Courtesy FWC

It’s big, it’s bold and it’s invasive. But could your Florida lionfish catch be a record?

If it is longer than 18.78 inches, it very well could be.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) newest way of encouraging divers to target these spiny invaders is the lionfish state records program.


Lionfish are an invasive species that could have a negative impact on native fish and wildlife.

Think you can’t possibly get one larger than 18.78 inches? Don’t worry. You can qualify by both length (must be in millimeters) and weight (grams) for largest and smallest lionfish. The FWC also has divisions for junior and hook and line.

Record holders will be recognized online and may receive prizes as well.


Enter your record fish today by visiting and clicking on “State Records Program.”

Make sure to review the application form thoroughly before submitting your catch. Potential record lionfish must have been caught using legal methods.