8 Boat Launch Fail Videos

A collection of the top boat launch fail videos.

As anyone who's spent any time around launch ramps knows, one can see some pretty amazing sights as people attempt to launch and retrieve their boats. Often, poor judgment makes boat-launchers their own worst enemy, though sometimes things just go wrong. It could happen to any of us — though we're sure glad when it doesn't. I've compiled 8 compelling, short boating videos here — some the stuff nightmares are made of, but others more a hoot and less a disaster. (Either way, I tried to avoid particularly mean-spirited boat launch fail videos that label the afflicted as morons or use similarly uncharitable terms.) Enjoy (yes, you may hear a couple of naughty words, so consider yourself forewarned).

How many vehicles does it take to launch a boat? In this case, quite a few — an SUV, two trucks and two tractors.

“Not a good day to launch a boat” would be some serious understatement.

This has to be the Freddy Krueger of launch ramps, swallowing first an SUV, then nearly the tow truck that tows it out — until a second, larger tow truck saves the day.

The poster of this video entitled it “Coolest guy at the boat ramp,” and that about says it all.

Premature launches are hell, as you’ll see.

In the blink of an eye things can go from just fine to total disaster.

Okay, there’s nothing truly frightening or bizarre in this one; it’s just a really cool time-lapse look at a busy ramp -- five hours of comings and goings on a 3-laner shown in three minutes.

Sometimes it’s not the launch, it’s the boat....