Grady-White Freedom 307

The 307 an ­unsinkable hull with a sharp stem, deep deadrise and high enough bows to combat the ­nastiest inlets from Miami to the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia.

For the second year in a row, Grady-White Boats was high on the list of anglers who had experienced the brand. No wonder: The company has been building boats since 1968 under the same ownership, and it has been one of the most sought-after brands in that time. Grady has been a winner of industry quality awards year after year from the likes of J.D. Power and the NMMA. Folks who had experienced Grady gave it high marks for design and construction, brand recognition and safety — all of which resulted in an exceedingly high score for resale value.

You don’t get that reputation without designing and building quality into a boat rich with style. Grady’s style is all about combating the treacherous waters and inlets of North Carolina, where white-water walls greet returning anglers more often than not. Safety scored high among owners, a sure sign they respond to Grady’s commitment to get boating anglers through the tough spots when they arise.

A reputation that strong for that long is bound to bolster brand value, and in the eyes of surveyed owners, it does.


On top of that solid platform, add strong scores for every aspect related to a brand’s fishability and passenger comfort.

Freedom 307

Freedom is what boaters want from the Freedom 307. Grady gives the 307 an unsinkable hull with a sharp stem, deep deadrise and high enough bows to combat the nastiest inlets from Miami to the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. Safety was scored high among the experienced, but freedom to go wherever and almost whenever an angler wishes is a most desirable benefit.


Forward seating is deep and firmly comfortable, like an imported luxury car. Recline facing forward with a friend or add the cocktail table and deal the cards, dispense the refreshments and enjoy the sea air. At the transom, a boarding ladder, platform and freshwater shower keep the deck clean if beachcombing is your forte. The platform will accommodate divers, too, and it carries plenty of water to rinse the gear on the ride to port, so nobody’s left cleaning up when the crew cracks the celebratory refreshments.

This Grady can fish with the best of them. The transom livewell boasts an industry unique plenum design that is effective at keeping all your bait alive by eliminating dead spots in the tank. The high-capacity pump keeps the tank full to the gasketed Plexiglas lid, giving your bait the softest possible ride.


LOA: 30′ | Beam: 10’7″ | Fuel Capacity: 234 gal. | Dry Weight: 7,850 lb. plus power | Max Horsepower: 700 | Certifications: NMMA
The Grady-White hardtop is shown here equipped with an ­electrically deployed cockpit awning.
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