Fell Marine Man Overboard Basepack

Remote kill switch adds safety for offshore fishing trips

Wear a wristband or use a key fob to wirelessly stop your engine in an emergency.Courtesy Fell Marine

While anglers might not bother wearing a killswitch cord that tethers them to the helm, many might opt to carry a key fob or wear a ­wristband that wirelessly stops a moving boat in an emergency. The Fell Marine MOB+ Basepack connects to a boat's battery and existing killswitch, mounts to the instrument panel, and pairs with as many as 20 fobs or bands. Fall overboard or hit the alarm, and the engine shuts down. The engine can be restarted after six seconds. The Basepack costs $199; fobs cost $39.99 each; and bands, which come in five colors, cost $19.99 each.