Extraordinary Photos from Sport Fishing’s “Last Cast” Pages, 2017

Nine memorable images of fish, fishing and marine life from the back page of Sport Fishing magazine

January 8, 2018

A multitude of photos cross my desk over the course of a year, most of those from professionals. But to schedule one to fill the magazine’s “Last Cast” page at the end of each issue, there has to be something really special about it. Often that’s not easily defined beyond a photo making us go “Wow!” upon seeing it. Enjoy these nine from 2017’s issues, and I hope you’ll think “Wow!” upon seeing each one. — Doug Olander

JANUARY — Red Tuna Crab

An angler peers down at what could be mistaken for a strange life-form from outer space but is actually a tiny red tuna crab, drifting off Baja’s Cedros Island.

red tuna crab underwater baja cedros Island saltwater fishing
1 of 9. Adrian E. Gray

FEBRUARY — Larval Atlantic Sailfish

Lilliputian: A larval Atlantic sailfish, barely 2 inches long, prowls its macroplanktonic world just below the surface of the Gulf Stream off southeastern Florida.

larval atlantic sailfish baby gulf stream florida
2 of 9. Michael Patrick O’Neill /

MARCH — Pacific Sailfish

The amazing acrobatics of a Pacific sailfish, airborne off Guatemala, remind us why the species is so popular with anglers around the world.

Jumping Pacific sailfish caught saltwater fishing Guatemala
3 of 9. Capt. Chris Sheeder

APRIL — Pompano Dolphin

Something odd about these mahi, you say? That’s because this is a school of pompano dolphin (Coryphaena equiselis) — little cousin to the much more common mahi.

Underwater swimming pompano dolphin school
4 of 9. Doug Perrine

MAY — Juvenile Dolpinfish

A tiny predator prowls the Pacific on a black night. Although it’s smaller than your little finger now, this mahi could weigh upwards of 40 pounds within the year, should it survive that long.

Juvenile mahimahi dorado dolphinfish
5 of 9. Doug Perrine

JUNE — Florida Keys Swordfish

“Golden Sword” — that’s how the photographer titled this photo of a Florida Keys swordfish just after its release by Capt. Nick Stanczyk, part of a three-for-three day from a 24-foot bay boat.

Underwater swimming swordfish caught saltwater fishing Florida Keys
6 of 9. Kevin Dodge

JULY/AUGUST — Black Marlin

Little-black blowout: Northeastern Australia’s fabulous June-to-September run of juvenile black marlin heralds sensational action on lighter gear. The Cape Bowling Green area off Townsville can produce double-digit days.

Jumping black marlin caught saltwater fishing northeastern Australia
7 of 9. Kelly Dalling Fallon

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER — Central Florida Mullet Run

Anglers fish along a wall of mullet off east central Florida during the annual phenomenon known as the mullet run, peaking during October most years. With the mullet come tarpon, spinner sharks and other game fish.

8 of 9. Jason Arnold /


This shot of a magnificent bull dolphin makes it easy to see why mahi (dolphinfish) are one of the world’s most popular and prized game fish.

Jumping mahimahi dorado dolphinfish
9 of 9. Scott Kerrigan /

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saltwater sport
Chris and Monique Fallows /

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