Extraordinary Photos from Sport Fishing’s “Last Cast” Pages, 2016

Nine memorable images of fish, fishing and marine life from the back page of Sport Fishing magazine

December 28, 2016

A multitude of photos cross my desk over the course of a year, most of those from professionals. But to schedule one to fill the magazine’s “Last Cast” page at the end of each issue, there has to be something really special about it. Often that’s not easily defined beyond a photo making us go “Wow!” upon seeing it. Enjoy these nine from 2016’s issues, and I hope you’ll think “Wow!” upon seeing each one. — Doug Olander

JANUARY — White-Knuckle Ride

Extraordinary fishing photos - white knuckle ride
Returning through the Rio Pardo inlet near Carnaveiras, Brazil, in conditions not unusual when stiff northeasterlies blow in the spring months. Capt. Antonio “Tuba” Amaral

FEBRUARY — Brawling Boobies

extraordinary fishing photos - brown boobies
Tough crowd, as this hapless blue runner discovers, while four brown boobies squabble over their prize off the coast of Panama. Jessica Haydahl Richardson

MARCH — Tarpon Wonderland

extraordinary fishing photos - tarpon
A school of the prized game fish, joined by a few gray snapper, swims lazily in a canal near Tavernier, in the Florida Keys. Jason Arnold /

APRIL — Marlin’s Last Lunge

extraordinary fishing photos - marlin leap
A marlin makes a final bid for freedom just off the transom of a Hawaii charter boat, the name reading like a caption revealing location and species. Capt. Kevin Hibbard

MAY — Bottomfisherman’s Surprise

extraordinary fishing photos - alligator sits on ocean floor
Not what you’d expect to see (or hook) on the seafloor of the Atlantic in 60 feet of water off Florida, but that’s where this big fellow was looking for his next meal. Lazaro Ruda /

JUNE — Sail in White

extraordinary fishing photos - white sailfish
A rare white sailfish is released off southern Costa Rica. It has some pigment (including its dark — not pink — eyes), suggesting it’s leucistic rather than a true albino. Courtesy Zancudo Lodge

JULY/AUGUST — An Ocean Teeming with Tuna

extraordinary fishing photos - massive yellowfin tuna school
When underwater photographer Adrian Gray slipped into the Pacific off Puerto Carrillo, Costa Rica, he found himself in the middle of this vast school of yellowfin. Adrian E. Gray

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER — Real-Life Nightmare Vision

extraordinary fishing photos - a rare deepwater lanternfish
Neither Photoshopped nor designed by a CG-effects studio, this is an actual close-up of a very rare deepwater telescopefish (Gigantura chuni) from the abyssal blackness of the Gulf of Mexico. Dante Fenolio / Deepend

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER — Paws for Thought

extraordinary fishing photos - huge Florida Everglades tarpon
Cache the American bulldog seems to be contemplating her next move while watching Alexy Milian prepare to release a huge Florida Everglades tarpon. Adrian E. Gray

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