EPA Approves Bio-Isobutanol as Fuel Additive

NMMA Applauds the EPA Decision on Bio-Isobutanol

June 15, 2018

Earlier this week, federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator, Scott Pruitt, approved the registration of bio-isobutanol as a fuel additive.

“We applaud Administrator Pruitt’s approval of bio-isobutanol as a biofuel additive, which will provide consumers a safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly E15 alternative that is highly compatible with marine products. This decision will promote an innovative fuel supply, with direct benefits to American boaters and consumers,” said Thom Dammrich, president of the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), which has been a leading proponent of bio-isobutanol.

“As our leaders continue to discuss potential reforms to the Renewable Fuel Standard, it is absolutely critical that all stakeholders remember the threat posed by fuel blends exceeding 10 percent ethanol. Thanks to the leadership of Administrator Pruitt and champions in Congress like Representative Buddy Carter (R-GA-1), who highlighted the value of bio-isobutanol during multiple committee hearings, consumers could now have much-needed additional choices at the pump,” Dammrich added.


“While additional steps by EPA are needed to break down other regulatory impediments to the full-scale commercialization of bio-isobutanol, EPA’s recent actions are very encouraging. In addition to increased fuel options, we need a comprehensive public education and awareness campaign in place prior to any E15 expansion – we owe it to the millions of American boaters and the 650,000 workers that the industry supports,” the NMMA president said.

With the approval is bio-isobutanol by the EPA, boaters might have an alternative to ethanol fuel blends such as E10 and E15.

The EPA approves a boater-friendly fuel alternative to ethanol-laced gasoline.

The EPA approval of the registration of bio-isobutanol as a fuel additive means boaters may have an alternative to ethanol fuel blends and the dreaded phase separation that they promote. Jim Hendricks

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