Clear the Deck for Fishing: How to Stow Your Marine Beanbag Chair

There are right ways and wrong ways to secure marine beanbag seats out of the way on your fishing boat.

June 30, 2015

Having a beanbag or two on the boat is great for getting comfortable on those long runs offshore, but once you’re ready to fish, keeping them out of the way is an issue. Try stowing the lightweight bags aloft — on the hardtop.

If you’re worried about them falling off or flying away while running, lash them down with a dock line, ratchet strap or heavy-duty bungee cord.

I use the 48-inch-long Keeper Flat Bungees (about $6 per pair), which have plastic-coated steel hooks big enough to secure on a hardtop support.

Learn the easy way to secure a marine beanbag seat off the deck of your fishing boat.

Keep Your Marine Beanbag Off the Deck When Fishing

A pair of the 48-inch-long Keeper Flat Bungees proves ideal for securing a marine beanbag chair on a fishing boat hardtop, keeping the deck clear to fish. Courtesy of Keeper Flat Bungees

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