Chevron Techron Marine Fuel System Treatment

New product enhances fuel stabilization and corrosion protection.

Chevron has introduced a new fuel treatment for gas-powered boats that cleans, protects and stabilizes.Courtesy Chevron Products Company

Chevron Products Company has introduced its new Techron Marine Fuel System Treatment for gas-powered boats operating in the harsh marine environment. The alcohol- and emulsifier-free formula does not contribute to water uptake, and provides boaters with enhanced fuel stabilization, corrosion protection and cleaning power. Techron Marine can be used in any vessel with inboard, outboard or sterndrive gasoline engines, and is effective whether using ethanol-free or ethanol-blended fuels. The treatment stabilizes fuel up to 24 months, but it's not just a storage product. One ounce treats 10 gallons of fuel. Four-ounce bottles cost $5; 10-ounce bottles run $12.99; 128-ounce bottles are $99.99.