Cover Wars! Cast YOUR Vote for the Best <em>SF</em> Cover: Round 2

Pick from the final four in our readers' choice contest for the best Sport Fishing cover

Last week, we asked you to vote for your favorite covers out of SF's top-10 staff favorites. This week, we're down to the final four readers' picks for our best cover of all time, and the vote is still in your hands.

Click the Like button below the cover you prefer in each of the two matchups below. Next week, we'll post the final two. At that point, it's an all-out war as to which is going to win. So keep voting for your favorite!

Final Four — Match 1

MARCH 2013 Photographer: John Ashley

|VS.|APRIL 2013 Photographer: Doug Perrine


Final Four — Match 2

APRIL 2006 Photographer: Ethan Gordon

|VS.|APRIL 2010 Photographer: Eric Cheng


Now that you've cast your vote, see all S_port Fishing'_s magazine covers from the 1980s,1990s and 2000s.