World Class Catamaran 330 TE

This boat represents one of the finest multihull fishing designs ever built.

February 17, 2004
World Class Cat 330 TE

World Class Cat 330 TE

This boat represents one of the finest multihull fishing designs ever built. While rated for up to twin 300-hp outboards, we recently ran a 330TE (Tournament Edition) with twin Honda 225s. After planing in three seconds, we ran at over 40 mph. Being a planing hull, the World Cat doesn’t exhibit as much of the hard-to-get-used-to motions as displacement-hull cats. But it still smoothes out rough seas and uses less fuel in the process. The company’s patented, Vectorflo hull design traps and concentrates a large volume of air between the hulls to help create lift, resulting in reduced wetted surface, less drag and greater fuel efficiency. A wheel hard-over turn at cruising speed offers a 180-degree course change in about three boatlengths. As with most cats, the hull remains flat in a turn until you really crank the wheel hard. Then the World Cat dips its inside bow, bleeds speed quickly and pivots.

The 330TE boasts all-composite construction. Huge livewells frame the centerline transom door. Cabinets tip out revealing removable tackle boxes and catchall storage. You’ll find undergunwale storage for three rods on each side. Each sponson has a very large fish box, augmented by an insulated coffin box forward of the console. Bottomfishermen will particularly appreciate the mammoth anchor locker that will easily handle 1,000 feet of rode.

The portside hatch accesses the head and athwartship berth, and you’ll find additional rod storage on the forward bulkhead for locking your tackle below.


If you’re searching for a professional-grade fishing machine that will allow you to virtually scoff at Mother Nature, then you must sea-trial a new World Cat 330TE.

Specifications LOA  34 ft.
BEAM 10 ft. 6 in.
DRAFT 1 ft. 4 in.
HULL CONFIG. Planing Cat
WEIGHT 6,300 lb.
FUEL 300 gal.
MSRP $153,270 (w/T225 Honda four-strokes)

World Class Catamarans
Tarboro, North Carolina


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