Shamrock 290 Offshore First Glance

Shamrock has been building truly unique inboard fishing boats and workboats for the past 30 years. This vest-pocket express fisherman carries on that tradition admirably.

October 6, 2003
Shamrock 290_03

Shamrock 290_03

Shamrock has been building truly unique inboard fishing boatsand workboats for the past 30 years. This vest-pocket expressfisherman carries on that tradition admirably.

Available with twin gas (330-hp each) or diesel (315-hp)engines, the 290 will run circles around comparably sizedoutboard-powered vessels in the range and fuel-economy arenas. Youcan also expect lower maintenance expense, higher resale value andgreater engine longevity.

As for the boat itself, Shamrock applies a vinylester barrierlayer in the laminate to stack the odds against osmotic blisteringof your hull. That hull boasts a 19-degree deadrise at the transom- considerably steeper than on most other inboard boats – toprovide better-than-average head-sea performance.


The helm station, located on centerline, has a tilt-away consoleand an expansive dash for flush-mounting navigation electronics.The helm deck comfortably seats four guests on fore-and-aftsettees. Shamrock’s fishing heritage demanded appropriate features,including a dedicated rigging station with a freshwater sink,tackle storage, cutting board, big in-deck fish box, 38-gallonlivewell, tuna door and in-gunwale rod holders. Adding the optionalhalf tower provides 10 more rod holders as well as a second helmcontrol station and, of course, a higher vantage point for vastlyimproved vision when searching for fish. A 250-gallon fuel tankallows you to hit the canyons for the hot tuna bite withoutworrying about fuel bladders.

LOA 28 ft. 10 in.
BEAM 11 ft. 3 in.
DRAFT 2 ft. 10 in.
DEADRISE 19 deg.
WEIGHT 11,700 lb.
FUEL 250 gal.
MAX POWER T330-hp gas IB T315-hp diesel IB
MSRP $157,640 (w/T330-hp gas IB & tower)

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