Renaissance Marine Prowler Cat First Glance

Since its inception, the goal of Renaissance Marine, Inc., has always been to give you the best catamaran possible.

Since its inception, the goal of Renaissance Marine, Inc., has always been to give you the best catamaran possible. The company believes that being a small semi custom builder was the only way to achieve this goal. Renaissance never wanted to be the biggest, just the best, and to be the best you have to start with the best hull. After seven months of refinement and sea trials, it was finally satisfied. Renaissance produced a hull that has unique Euro-styling, is the most fuel-efficient, the fastest and the driest, and has more storage than any other fishing cat you can buy. Its hull was so unique that the company received a patent in May 2000. Its Turbulent Stabilizing Venturi System design makes the hull extremely dry, virtually eliminating typical catamaran sneeze.

Over the years, the name Renaissance Marine has become synonymous with excellence. Featuring 100-percent wood-free construction and using only the best materials, Prowlers are truly a step ahead of the competition. Renaissance recently switched to epoxy resin for its strength and light weight, and virtually no environmental impact that is associated with polyester resins. Its hand-laid, full-length, multidirectional fiberglass, combined with vacuum-bagged core, allows the manufacturer to build a strong yet light catamaran for increased speed and fuel economy. The builder uses only 316 stainless-steel hardware, including all thru-hulls. Our wiring is second to none, using all color- coated copper tinned wire and epoxy-coated heat shrinks, as well as waterproof quick disconnects for rapid pump replacements. Fit and finish is excellent.

Prowlers are the only catamarans that use a three-piece construction method: a separate hull, cap and liner. This provides more cockpit space and helps create a truss system by bonding the deck to the tunnel and bulkheads. This truss system prevents the sponsons from flexing - a concern with catamarans. And every bit of space can be used for below deck storage as well as giving you foot room under the gunwales. Rear fish boxes are insulated and can store a 128-quart cooler. Front boxes can be used for dry storage or will accommodate four rods each. A front transverse bulkhead is bonded to the cap for added strength.

This isn't just marketing hype. In 2002 Renaissance beat the previous Bermuda Challenge record, a 780-mile open-ocean endurance race, by nearly seven hours, making it there in just over 22 hours. Since this grueling race, the boat has never needed repair and is still in use in Bermuda with over 1,500 hours.
The boatbuilder recently introduced custom colors, and a 306 pilothouse fish-around is in the works.