Boaters Entering U.S. Have a New Reporting Option

ROAM app can be used to report U.S. entry by pleasure boat.

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is launching a new app that lets boaters report their U.S. entry at select ports around the country.

Reporting Offsite Arrival Mobile (ROAM) appCourtesy United States Customs and Border Protection

The Reporting Offsite Arrival Mobile (ROAM) app allows boaters to report in via smart phone or other mobile device when, for example, they are returning to a Florida port from a fishing trip in the Bahamas. The previous Small Vessel Reporting System (SVRS) routine of calling in to the CBP upon entry will be discontinued in the coming months in preference using to the ROAM app. Boaters with existing SVRS, Local Boater or Registered Traveler numbers can use these within the new app to expedite reporting, according to CBP.

Currently, the ROAM app can be used to report U.S. entry by pleasure boat in Florida, select locations in Minnesota, and in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River area between Buffalo and Ogdensburg, New York. Additional locations are being added, and travelers should contact their local port of entry to confirm whether arrival submissions via the app are accepted, according to CBP. All travelers, regardless of nationality or citizenship, are eligible to use the ROAM app.

You can download ROAM app on both Android and Apple devices For detailed instructions on how to install and use the app, visit the CBP ROAM page on CBP's website.