Boat Windshield Protection Blanket

Avoid a "rock chip" doing damage to your vessel's windshield while towing it.

boat windshield protection screen
Your tow vehicle blocks most road debris from hitting your boat, but your windshield could still be vulnerable. Protect it with a blanket. Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing

Drive on highways long enough and your vehicle windshield will suffer a “rock chip” — damage from an errant pebble or piece of gravel that strikes the glass at high speed and leaves a divot or a crack. Although your tow vehicle blocks most road debris from hitting your boat, the same can happen to the windshield of your vessel while towing it to and from the launch ramp. To avoid this, I attach a soft blanket over the windshield while towing, using some bungee cords and spring clamps attached to the frame of the hardtop. It takes just a minute to put it on and take it off, yet it offers outstanding road protection, whether your boat windshield is bonded glass, acrylic, clear vinyl or polycarbonate.


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