Boat Tips: Add Tackle Storage Trays

Simple storage trays help you secure loose tackle items.

December 18, 2015

I like to use small plastic trays (the ones designed for organizing kitchen drawers) in places such as on top of the console to stash small tackle items such as hooks, lures and sinkers aboard the boat. The trays cost only a few dollars each at retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond. I drill holes in the bottoms for drainage and use peel-and-stick hook-and-loop adhesive strips (available at home-improvement stores) to keep the trays in place. You will find this an inexpensive and effective way of keeping your terminal tackle secure and handy

Easy ways to stow small tackle items.

Junk Drawer for Your Boat

Plastic trays designed to store silverware in a kitchen drawer can also secure lures and sinkers. Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing Magazine
Keep small item secure.

Stash Bin

Secure the trays with peel-and-stick hook-and-loop fasteners. Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing Magazine

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