Tunazilla Invades California

Bluefin tuna migrating from Japan are turning up off California with radioactive flesh.

Bluefin tuna

Bluefin tuna

Photo by Doug OlanderDoug Olander

Here’s some unexpected fallout from the 2011 earthquake-triggered radioactive contamination that leaked from Japan’s cripple nuclear plant: Bluefin tuna with radioactive flesh have turned up off California.

According to a report at Time's healthland.time.com, tissue-sample testing has assured scientists that only the Fukushima disaster can be the source.

That testing showed radioactive cesium at 10 times higher than the amount ever measured off California previously. However, the amount of such cesium in tuna tested remains far below any levels that would make it unfit for consumption.

Scientists are planning more testing this summer with a large number of samples.