High-Seas Guerrillas to Confront Illegal Bluefin Tuna Fishermen

Black Fish activists promise a campaign of harassing illegal fishermen on the Mediterranean

protest over tuna fishing

protest over tuna fishing

Black Fish's activism against illegal fishing will follow on the heels of protests by the group Greenpeace.Courtesy Greenpeace (greenpeace.org)

What the Sea Shepherd is for whales, the environmental group Black Fish intends to be for bluefin tuna and other fish caught illegally by commercial fishermen in the Mediterranean.

The Amsterdam-based group is vowing guerrilla tactics in a three-year campaign to confront illegal fishing in European waters, according to an online report in The Guardian.

The activists plan to have a vessel soon dedicated to its campaign to ultimately persuade European nations to ban fishing for threatened species, particularly bluefin tuna. The Guardian report cites estimates of up to 20,000 metric tons of bluefin caught illegally each year, much to that to feed the demand for tuna "farms," where the fish are fattened in pens before being marketed (most often to Japan).

Recently, the group of young activists made headlines by releasing thousands of bluefin worth millions of dollars from Croation fish farms by cutting holes in net pens.