Why I Want to Be Like Morgan When I Grow Up

I admit it pains me to say Morgan Promnitz is a fish-catching machine. First, that’s become a major cliché — but it works. And second, I’m just jealous.

I recently joined the fishing-product manager for Hobie Kayaks in Puerto Rico's urban lagoons for tarpon and snook (and have documented some of the action in a photo gallery). And I caught fish, enough to avoid feeling embarrassed. But compared to Promnitz, I was a second-stringer. Every time I was close enough to get a visual on the guy, damned if he wasn't hard into another tarpon or snook.

So I’m all, hey: I wanna be like Morgan Promnitz when I grow up! He’s a natural.

Anyway, to get a feeling of what it is like to be Promnitz, at least fishing from a Hobie Pro Angler 12 in Puerto Rico via Caribbean Outfitters, check out the video he put together (he's also a better videographer than I) from footage shot using his GoPros, mounted on the bow and worn on his head.