Tackle/Clothing Manufacturer Donates $500,000 to Support Recreational Fishing in 2012

AFTCO Sets Industry Benchmark in Its Support for Marine-Conservation and Angler-Access Issues

bill shedd

bill shedd

Bill Shedd, an avid angler, with a white seabass; the Shedd family has been instrumental in Southern California's successful seabass hatchery program.courtesy AFTCO

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

That's what I want to do: Talk about putting your money where mouth is. In this case, that means talking about AFTCO, the California-based American Fishing Tackle Company.

AFTCO has, since the company’s purchase early on, more than 50 years ago by Milton Shedd, developed a history of supporting fisheries conservation causes.

In that regard, Bill Shedd — Milt’s son who presently runs AFTCO — has done a lot more than give lip service to conservation, as well as to angler-access issues: AFTCO to date in 2012 has donated a half-million dollars to support recreational fishing/conservation issues.

That total includes personal, as well as corporate, donations by the Shedd family.

Among the many recipients of AFTCO's generous funding in 2012: the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, California MLPA Lawsuit, Hubbs Seaworld Research Institute, the International Game Fish Association, the Center for Coastal Conservation and Keep America Fishing.

That $500,000 doesn’t include funds generated by AFTCO partnering with Guy Harvey for causes including a rigs-to-reefs special shirt, which contributed funds to the Coastal Conservation Association’s fight to save Gulf rigs.