High-Seas Tuna Caught in Surf With Bare Hands

A kamikaze albacore wouldn't take no for an answer off an Australian beach

Kamikaze albacore

Kamikaze albacore

This albacore was very lost indeed, since it belongs dozens of miles offshore and not thrashing around on an Australian beach.mark williams - fishingworld.com.au

A few years back, I wrote up an item for our news pages based on a most unusual catch: bluefin tuna that had come into the shallow surf of a Southern California beach. As I recall, a fellow grabbed one of the apparently disoriented fish.

That came to mind when I heard about an Aussie man who recently had a similar experience on the New South Wales coast. Shannon Bruce was walking on the beach when he and his pal, Mark Williams — who recounted the story to Fishing World — saw the fat albacore tuna (normally found far offshore in open seas) trying to beach itself. The men tried to liberate the kamikaze albacore but it kept coming back — until another chap snatched it up to liberate it into his freezer.

Fishing World notes that unusually warm water has lingered off the continent's southeast coast and this is not the only strange catch of late.