Hey, America: A Million Americans Are Looking Out for the Sport of Fishing!

“Fishing’s NRA” is coming of age — it’s time hop on that train

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snookums cropped

KeepAmericaFishing just reached the 1-million-member milestone.

Who cares? You, if you care about the future of sport fishing in our great country.

Putting it the simplest way I know how: Gun-rights advocacy has always been an incredibly powerful force in the United States. Why? One reason: the NRA. Sport-fishing advocacy has always been weak, lackluster and often impotent. That’s because we’ve had no NRA, no voice to speak for us and lobby national leaders in a way they dare not ignore.

Now we have a voice, not yet as strong as the NRA, but growing — and it’s grown enough to make us a force to be reckoned with.

So I say 1 million anglers make a strong statement on Capitol Hill — and (1) offer hearty congrats to all the folks with KAF who have made that happen, but (2) challenge anglers who are not yet members to join up! One million shouldn't be the end game in membership but only a good start: In 2011, 33 million Americans went fishing. Can you imagine if just a fourth of those became KAF members how potent the voice of "our NRA" representing nearly 10 million Americans would be? Suddenly, I'd be a whole lot less worried about opportunities to fish, and have clean waters and fish to fish for, than I am now.

And amazingly, you can join up at no cost and be an advocate for key positions designed to protect your right and options to fish. What excuse do you have for not doing so?

Once an advocate, you’ll get emails that will allow you quite literally in less than one minute to make your voice heard on specific issues.

However, I’d suggest considering shelling out the 20 bucks for a full KAF membership since obviously our membership money will help KAF advocate for our sport and make it better.

You decide — click here to get more info, or better yet, to join up! For my part, I'll proudly remain a member as KAF fights to do for anglers what the NRA has done for gun owners/industry.