Help End the Scandal of Alaska's Wasted Halibut

Millions of pounds of halibut are thrown back into the sea each year by trawlers after other species.

Pacific halibut: A recreational-fishery mainstay

Pacific halibut: A recreational-fishery mainstay

Pacific halibut are a major component of Alaska's valuable recreational-fishing industry, yet trawlers throw away more than all anglers catch each year.Doug Olander

Alaska’s fisheries are widely extolled as examples of well-controlled, well-managed fisheries. But at least one area of concern which historically has been neglected involves the bycatch of halibut.

Amazingly, big trawlers' bycatch (i.e. bykill) of the world's most prized flatfish every year exceeds the state's entire recreational harvest of Pacific halibut! And, says Capt. Andy Mezirow of Seward — sportfishing/charter representative on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council Advisory Panel and an IGFA representative — "It all goes to waste — millions of pounds a year."

Mezirow asks that we read and sign this petition, which, presented to the council at its meeting next month, could help end the long-standing halibut bycatch travesty in the North Pacific off Alaska.

All recreational anglers, whether in Alaska or elsewhere, can and should take a couple of minutes to read and sign. It can make a huge difference for a fantastic game/food fish in a great recreational fishery.