A Good-News Snapper Story!

A substantial increase in catch quotas? Pinch me!

yellowtail snapper

yellowtail snapper

Jason Arnold

With so many blogs these days concerned with various problems or even crises in fisheries management, ain’t it swell to see the feds proposing substantial increases in harvest quotas in a fishery?

In this case, the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council is proposing to increase the total annual catch limit for yellowtail snapper from 2 million pounds and change to just over 3 million pounds (roughly divided between recreational and commercial fishermen).

In the dry lingo of fisheries management, “The yellowtail snapper stock is neither overfished (too few fish in the population) nor undergoing overfishing (fish being removed too quickly). “

Of course, the proposed action will need to be approved after the public-comment period. I can't imagine the council will hear lot of negative reaction to this one.