Video: Swimming with Giant Bluefin

March 12, 2012

So I received an email last Friday from_ Sport Fishing_ contributing photographer Eric Kulin with a link to a video he had just finished editing.

Apparently, Eric is now one of the fortunate few anglers who has made the trek up to Prince Edward Island in Canada to experience its giant bluefin tuna fishing. Kulin headed up there with three friends last September and fished with Bruce Brothers Charters.

They had an amazing trip. The fish and weather were cooperative, while the bluefin fed heavily on herring. In fact, Eric managed to capture some great footage of monster bluefin being handfed right next to the boat.


“Without a doubt, it’s an amazing thing to see,” he wrote me. “Even if you just wanted to see these fish and not catch a thing! It’s beyond belief, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

The boys went on to catch and release several bluefin in the 700- to 1,000-pound range. Enjoy this video of Eric’s pal Jason Ward fighting – and then swimming with – a 900-pound beauty just before it swam away.

Good fishing,
Mike Mazur
Senior editor,_ Sport Fishing_ magazine_


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