Video: Sight-casting Barramundi




Ever since I heard Mick Dundee utter the words, "A barramundi's a bloody big fish," in the '80s hit Crocodile Dundee, I've had this species in the back of my mind.

After all, the barra looks like something like a cross between a snook and a tarpon, two of my favs — and apparently they fight just as well as either of those fish.

I don't know much about the techniques involved for catching barramundi, but a video from Australian magazine Fishing World has me intrigued all the more. The magazine's August issue features a story by Greg Seeto from on sight-casting to these bruisers in the Northern Territory. There's an accompanying video, as well, and darned if those fish don't look like snook or redfish prowling the shorelines in the Everglades! Check it out below: