Bluefin Trevallies Attack Bait in Amazing Video

Bait Scattering

Bait Scattering

Screen grab courtesy YouTube

This may be one of the coolest videos I've come across in a while. It was posted in 2009 by a newlywed couple from their honeymoon at the Kureda Island Resort in The Maldives (which recently announced it had created the world's single-largest marine reserve).

I’m not entirely sure of the game fish species in this video, but YouTube commenters suggest they’re bluefin trevally, which is probably accurate. They’re small fish, maybe in the 5- to 10-pound range.

The beauty of this video, however, is the bait. Watch how it magically pours away from the marauders in perfect unison. Then watch how it stacks tight just behind the fish to avoid the danger zone. At one point, it almost appears as if the bait is trying to forcibly push the fish out of the school.

Of course, all that turns to chaos as another pod of trevallies ambushes the bait from the flanks in a surprise attack. Then a heron, which had been waiting patiently on the beach, makes his move.

A perfect, one-minute slice of nature that I know you, as an angler, will appreciate. Enjoy.